Answer These 10 Questions And We’ll Reveal Which Southern State You Should Move To!

Want to know which Southern state truly matches your personality? Answer these 10 questions and we'll reveal the Southern state you should be moving to. Ready? Start the quiz!

Question 1/10
Where would you rather live?
By mountains
In a big city
By the ocean
In a small town
On a farm

Question 2/10
Who is your ideal duet partner?
Dolly Parton
Justin Timberlake
Willie Nelson
Trisha Yearwood
Luke Bryan

Question 3/10
Choose a Southern saying:
Bless your heart!
I'm Fixin' To
This dog can't hunt!

Question 4/10
Which of the following foods would you try?
Head cheese
Frog legs
Pork rinds

Question 5/10
What bothers you the most?
People with no sense of humor
Lack of values

Question 6/10
How would you chill out on a hot summer day?
Take a dip in the river.
Turn on the AC.
Open a window.
Crack open a beer.
Set up a sprinkler.

Question 7/10
Which sport are you a fan of?
I'm not a sports person.

Question 8/10
If it's below this temperature, then it is cold.
60 degrees
50 degrees
40 degrees
30 degrees

Question 9/10
What quality do you pride yourself on having?
Sense of humor

Question 10/10
What time do you get up on the weekends?
6-7 AM
8-9 AM
10-11 AM
12-1 PM
The Southern state you should call home is Tennessee! At your very core, you're a creative soul who loves to play music, try new foods, and dare to step outside of your comfort zone. While you value tradition and doing things the old fashioned way, you also love a good adventure!

The Southern state you should call home is Georgia! At your core, you're a true Southerner who believes in good manners, big family dinners, and truly upholding tradition. You believe that life is all about doing what's right and spreading a bit of Southern charm wherever you go.

The Southern state you should call home is South Carolina! At your core, you value hard work, intelligence, and doing things the old fashioned way. While you embrace technology, you also lean hard into the traditions of the past. You love to spend time with loved ones, work on your hobbies, and genuinely embrace each day with an open heart!

South Carolina
The Southern state you should call home is Arkansas! You're a fiercely independent person who isn't afraid to stand up for what you believe in. Though you can be fairly conservative, you also try to keep an open mind. You love spending time in nature, just enjoying the simple things in life! Arkansas is the place for you!

The Southern state you should call home is Louisiana! You're a fun loving and eccentric soul who is always down for a good party. You love music, food, and the hustle/bustle of a city. Whether it's eating a beignet with a good cup of coffee or taking in a show, you live for nights out on the town, dinner with close friends, and a life thats wholly unpredictable!