Are You Hip Enough To Live In Oregon?

You might think you're as hip as they come, but are you actually cool enough to live in this Northwestern state? It's time to find out! Take these 10 quiz questions and discover just how hip you actually are!

Question 1/10
When is the last time you used a hashtag?
A few days ago.
I've never used a hash tag.
Hashtags are so 2017.

Question 2/10
How do you like your coffee?
Fair trade and made in a french press.
Black as night.
With a little cream and sugar.
I don't drink coffee.

Question 3/10
Pick a hip donut flavor:
Bacon maple
Peanut butter oreo
Salted caramel
Just glazed for me please

Question 4/10
What are you more likely to be doing at noon on Sunday?
Eating brunch.
Watching football.
Making soap.
Going to church.

Question 5/10
What beer do you prefer?
Pabst Blue Ribbon
Michelob Ultra
Whatever is local
Whatever is cheap

Question 6/10
When you listen to music, you prefer it to be on ...
Casette tape
Mp3 or streaming service

Question 7/10
What color would you want your bike to be?
Mint green
I can't even ride a bike.

Question 8/10
Where are you more likely to go shopping for clothes?
Any thrift shop

Question 9/10
What's your take on tattoos?
They're an amazing form of self expression.
They're okay if done right.
They're a permanent mistake.

Question 10/10
Do you have a favorite font?
Doesn't everyone?
I guess, there's a few I prefer.
I just use whatever is preinstalled.
Whew, don't worry, you're definitely hip enough to live in Oregon! In fact, you're just about as hip as they come. You're totally up to date on new bands, food trends, and good art. You know every documentary that's going to show at Sundance this year and you always prefer independent movies to big budget blockbusters. You pride yourself on always being on the cutting edge of what's new and cool. Now go drink some artisan cold brew coffee and celebrate your hipness!

You're As Hip As They Come!
Go ahead and start packing those bags, you're definitely hip enough to live in Oregon! While you're not about to start an antique record collection or exclusively rock thrift store threads, you are always on the cutting edge of what's new and cool. You love to try new things, listen to new genres of music, and embrace whatever life throws your way. You're hip without being pretentious or aloof! Go you!

You're Pretty Hip!
Okay, so this quiz reveled that you're not very hip. Don't pack your bags for Oregon just yet. While you might be cool, fun, and pretty darn awesome, you're not exactly the definition of “hip.” Rather than following trends and always chasing new music, films, and foods, you simply love what you love. You don't care what anyone else thinks and you're more than happy to snack on some regular non-organic snacks while watching a big budget blockbuster with your pals.

You're Not Very Hip!