Can We Guess How Many States You’ve Lived In?

We can guess just how many states you've lived in by asking 10 simple personality questions! Take this quiz and discover just how revealing your answers can truly be!

Question 1/10
Growing up, when you're family wasn't cooking, what type of food would you order for dinner?
Fast food
None of these

Question 2/10
When does your family eat dinner?
Late afternoon/early evening
Late evening
Night time
It varies every night

Question 3/10
How long was your longest road trip?
3 hours
6 hours
12 hours
18 hours
24+ hours

Question 4/10
Which word would be describe how you feel most days?

Question 5/10
What's the biggest factor that you consider when moving?
Job opportunities

Question 6/10
Did you go to college in state or out of state?
In state
Out of state
I didn't go to college

Question 7/10
Have you ever been to Europe?
Yes, several times!
Nope, but I really want to go!
No and I have no desire to!

Question 8/10
How far away do your parents live from you right now?
A few minutes away.
A few hours away.
A few hundred miles away.
A few thousand miles away.

Question 9/10
What do you daydream about most often?
Winning the lottery
Quitting my job
Traveling the world
Starting a family
Fame and fortune

Question 10/10
What really gives life meaning?
A sense of community
Family and friends
Success and accolades
Hobbies and passion
I'm not sure
Based on the results of this quiz, we think you've lived in a total of 5 states! You're a free spirited person who isn't afraid of change or starting over someplace new. In fact, you crave the adventure that can come with making a new life somewhere different. You don't get attached to people, places, or things, which is why you can move about the country at will!

Five States
Based on the results of this quiz, we think you've lived in a total of two states! You're the type of person who likes to be close to family and friends. You don't like to move around much or shake things up, but you'll still take a good opportunity when it comes your way. You like to travel, but you don't feel the need to move around or keep uprooting your life. You crave stability and comfort, two things you can only get from a true home!

Two States
Based on the results of this quiz, we think you've lived in six states! You're an adventurous soul who doesn't fear change or trying new things. In fact, you live for the grand adventure of moving and starting over someplace new. You love to interact with new people, try different foods, and make yourself at home someplace you've never been before. The travel bug bit you hard and that's not going to change anytime soon!

Six States
Based on the results of this quiz, we think you've lived in one state! Why would you leave when you're happy and content right where you are? Home is wherever your family and friends are, which is why you'd never dream of leaving your home state. You've got all of the best things in life right at your finger tips! You're not one who seeks to travel and you certainly don't have a strong case of wanderlust. You know what matters and what doesn't in this life!

One State
Based on the results of this quiz, we think you've lived in eight states! Whoa, you're an adventurous soul with a serious case of wanderlust. You don't fear change and like to go wherever the opportunities are. You believe that life is too short to feel stuck in one place, which is why you never stick around any place for too long. You're independent, social, and always looking to expand your life in new ways. What state will you be living in next?

Eight States