Can We Guess Where You’ll Move Next?

With these 10 questions, we can guess which state you'll move to next! How revealing is your personality? It's time to find out! Embark on this quiz and discover where you're headed!

Question 1/10
Are you tired of your state's weather?

Question 2/10
How far are you willing to travel to visit family?
A few miles
A few hundred miles
A few thousand miles
I'll go any distance

Question 3/10
Do you make new friends easily?
I make friends very quickly
It takes me a little while to make new friends
It's difficult to make friends

Question 4/10
What could you eat forever?
Steak and potatoes
Any kind of Mexican

Question 5/10
What sounds most appealing to you?
Going to a sports game, going to a bar, then going to see a movie.
Going to the beach, going clubbing, and relaxing in the pool.
Going to a museum, eating some ethnic cuisine, and then retreating to my house.

Question 6/10
How do you prefer to commute to work?
By car
By subway
By bus
On foot
On bicycle

Question 7/10
How important is a ​culture in your life?
Very important
Somewhat important
Not important at all

Question 8/10
What are your priorities right now?
Exploring the world
Living in an interesting place
Living a comfortable lifestyle
Keeping close with friends and family

Question 9/10
Which era do you wish you could live in?
The 1990s
The 1980s
The 1970s
The 1960s
The 1950s

Question 10/10
What’s something that will always be in fashion?
Being kind
Doing the right thing
Being yourself
Having confidence
Forging new paths
Based on the results of this quiz, your next move will be to Maine! You're done with the rat race and big city living. Instead, you crave natural beauty, small town charm, and the ease of living at a slower pace. Though you're ambitious, you know that at the end of your life, it's the people you meet, the things you experience, and the love you give that matters most.

We believe you're going to move to the state of Montana! Not only do you exemplify the merits of hard work, but you know exactly what it means to live life to the fullest. While work is important, you know that family comes first. You'd love to live in a state that values tradition, hard work, and the connection that can only come from doing right by others.

The state you're going to move to is Washington! You're a highly creative and open minded person who would thrive in the artistic haven that is Washington! With a deep love of a nature and a love of all things eccentric and unique, we think Washington is calling your name.

You're going to move to Hawaii! Let's face it, life is too short to live in a state with difficult seasons, a fast paced non-stop approach to life, and people with bad attitudes. You're ready to quit the rat race and move to this paradise of a state!

You're going to move to Colorado! Not only are you an open minded person with a deep love of recreation, but you're the type of person who craves diversity, freedom, and opportunity. We believe that Colorado can offer you everything you crave!