Can We Guess Your Home State Based On Your Spending Habits?

Do you think that we can guess which state you call home based only on your spending habits? It's time to find out! With just 10 easy questions we can reveal just how much your spending habits say about you!

Question 1/10
When are you most likely to go shopping?
After I've had a bad day
When I'm bored
When I need something
If someone forces me to go

Question 2/10
How often do you check your bank statements?

Question 3/10
At the grocery store, you…
Buy what looks good
Buy what's on sale and a few extras
Stick to a detailed list
Make one big trip for everything I need

Question 4/10
Payday! You just got your paycheck. The first thing you do after work is:
Pay your bills and buy some necessities
Go out to a big dinner with friends
Hit the mall for some new threads
Go to the bar

Question 5/10
What do you think of credit cards?
I only use them when I'm in a bind.
I use them to earn points or cash back.
I use them for everything.

Question 6/10
You really want to splurge on a vacation next summer. How do you pay for it?
Start a vacation fund and hope I get there.
Dive into my savings, I work hard.
Put it oin my credit card. I'll pay it back later.

Question 7/10
Where do you buy your produce?
From a grocery store
From a farmer's market
From a road side stand
From wherever it's cheapest

Question 8/10
How often do you use coupons?

Question 9/10
You bought a new bathroom rug on sale, but it doesn't match as well as you hoped. What do you do?
Throw it in the linen closet and forget about it.
Return it to the store.
Make a mental not e to retunr it but likely forget.

Question 10/10
What is your general attitude toward money?
I have enough for bills and to get by but I'd like to have more.
I'm pretty comfortable.
Easy come, easy go.
It's my world.
Based on your spending habits, we think you're from New York! For you, shopping and spending are valuable hobbies. You love to have the latest clothing items, tech gadgets, and homewares. Nothing can get in the way of your shopping addiction!

New York
Based on your spending habits, you're from Texas! You love to buy local, fresh, and go with small businesses as often as possible. Though you love to spend on clothing and food, you also know the what things are worth and what's a good investment.

Based on your spending habits, you're from Oregon! You love to shop local, buy vintage, and frequent second hand shops. You also love to buy online and are a big fan of fast shipping. You tend to spend your money more on experiences and outings rather than clothing or shoes.

Based on your spending habits, you're from Florida. To you, more is more. You love to shop, buy new things, and have the latest in tech. You don't worry much about the money in your account, because you always figure that things will work out as they should.