Choose Some Summer Activities And We’ll Tell You Where To Live!

Choose some fun summer activities and we'll decide where in the United States you should live! Think you know where you're bound to end up? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
Choose a summer activity:
Zip lining
Going ot the zoo
None of these

Question 2/10
Choose a summer activity:
Jumping on a trampoline
Swimming in a pool
Going for a walk
Getting ice cream at a stand

Question 3/10
Choose a summer activity:
Catching lightning bugs
Having a campfire
Going on a slip n' slide
Taking a road trip

Question 4/10
Choose a summer activity:
Day drinking
Water skiing
Laying out at the beach

Question 5/10
Choose a summer activity:
Sidewalk chalk
Going to a drive-in movie
Water balloon fight

Question 6/10
Choose a summer activity:
Going to a fair
Wine tasting
Music festival

Question 7/10
Choose a summer activity:
Making sun tea
Beach yoga
Backcountry camping
Seeing fireworks

Question 8/10
Choose a summer activity:
Having a BBQ
Riding a bike
Playing cornhole
Wake boarding

Question 9/10
Choose a summer activity:
Having a picnic
Going to a waterpark
Renting a lake house

Question 10/10
Choose a summer activity:
Going to an outdoor concert
Picking berries
Clam bake
Based on the activities you chose, you should live in California! To you, summer is all about fun in the sun and hanging out at the beach. You live a carefree life and try not to sweat the small stuff. With an adventurous spirit, there's no limit to what you'll try!

Based on the activities you chose, you should live in Wyoming! To you, summer is all about getting outside in the great outdoors. Whether it's going for a hike or kayaking, you love to be outside as often as possible. You may just want to pitch a tent in Wyoming and stay awhile!

Based on the activities you chose, you should live in Tennessee! To you, summer is all about friends, family, and outdoor barbecues. You love to just sit around a campfire and sing songs or talk with your pals. To you, it's all about living a simple yet fulfilling life. Next time you build that fire, you may want to make it in Tennessee!

Based on the activities you chose, you belong in the state of Maine! To you, summer is a sacred time that is best spent in the wild. Whether it's hiking through a national park or pitching a tent along the coast, you thrive when in nature and feel connected to the great outdoors. The next time you plan a summer adventure, make it in Maine!