Could You Really Live In California?

You might think life in California is a walk in the park, but could you actually live in this state? It's time to find out! Take these 10 personality quiz questions and find out if you could live in California!

Question 1/10
Pick the best burger chain:
Five Guys
In n' Out

Question 2/10
Would you rather live in Northern or Southern California?
It doesn't matter to me

Question 3/10
How do you measure distance?
In miles
By the time it takes to get there
In blocks

Question 4/10
What bothers you the most?
Being accused of something.
Sitting in traffic.
Being told what to do.

Question 5/10
Pick a Mexican street cart food:
I don't like Mexican food

Question 6/10
When was the last time you had sushi?
Last night
Last week
A few months ago
I've never had sushi

Question 7/10
How quickly do you pick up on regional slang?
Very quickly
Somewhat quickly
Not quickly at all

Question 8/10
Which would you most like to learn how to do?
Cook an authentic ethnic meal.
Surf or skateboard.
Tend to a garden.
Knit or crochet.

Question 9/10
What kind of festival would you most like to attend?
A beer and brat festival
An avocado festival
A craft festival

Question 10/10
What do you do when you want to unwind?
Have a glass of wine.
Meet up with friends.
Cook a big dinner.
Take a bubble bath.
This quiz revealed that you could definitely live in California! You're an open minded and free spirited person who isn't afraid of earthquakes, traffic, or leading a healthy life. You believe in the ideas of wholeness and wellness, knowing that people should be multi-faceted and interested in a variety of things. You treat life as a grand adventure!

You Could Live In California!
This quiz revealed that you could not live in California! Though you might love visiting the west coast, you definitely don't see eye with many of the opinions of true west coasters. You're a more traditional individual who believes in heritage, family, history, and good values. You're not one to step too far outside of your comfort zone or try new things.

You Could Not Live In California!
This quiz revealed that you could probably live in California! You're a free spirit who isn't afraid to embrace change and go with the flow. You know that getting somewhere is half the fun and that avocados can go on pretty much anything. You know that In n' Out is a gift from the gods and that living well is truly the remedy to everything that ails you.

You Could Probably Live In California!