Could You Survive For 12 Months In Miami?

Miami might be the city of fun and excess, but it's certainly not for everyone! Could you survive 12 months in this party ready metropolis? Take these quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
When you hear the word "pitbull" what comes to mind?
A type of dog.
A musician.
Both of these.

Question 2/10
What type of food owns your heart?
None of these

Question 3/10
It's finally summertime! What do you plan on doing?
Putting up hurricane shutters and preparing for the worst.
Sitting in an air conditioned room.
Heading to the beach for fun and sun.
Staying in and reading by a fan.

Question 4/10
Which slang word do you use most often?

Question 5/10
The temperature has just dipped below 75 degrees. How do you feel?
Great, this is the perfect temperature!
Cold, I'm going to go grab a jacket.
Hot, this is too much for me!

Question 6/10
Which driving offense drives you up a wall?
Not using a turn signal.
Speeding on a back road.
Texting while driving.
None of these, they're all fine!

Question 7/10
When you used to skip school, what did you do for fun?
Hung out at home playing video games.
Went to the beach.
Hung out at the mall.
I would never skip school.

Question 8/10
Pick a game to play at the next family gathering:

Question 9/10
Choose a sandwich for lunch:
I don't do sandwiches.

Question 10/10
How would you describe your personality in just one word?
Congratulations, you could survive for 12 months in Miami! You're a fiery and passionate soul who lives for a good party and is always down to have a good time. You don't take life too seriously and always keep things fun and relaxed. While you work hard and always have a lot of goals, you value down time more than anything. As a social butterfly, you're always surrounded by good friends and live for a little time in the spotlight. If anyone could survive in hot, humid, and fun Miami, it's you!

You Could Survive For 12 Months!
You could survive for 6 months in Miami! Okay, so life in Miami isn't exactly perfect for you. Still, you could survive for at least 6 months! You're fun, vivacious, and passionate about the life you lead. You love to socialize, play, and spend as much time in the sun as you can. While you might not be the biggest fan of heat and humidity, you'd love six months in this fun and fiery city!

You Could Survive For 6 Months!
Unfortunately, you could only survive for around one month in Miami! Life in Miami is most definitely not for you. While you might love a good beach vacation, you're not exactly keen on high heat, constant parties, and the fiery spirit of this Florida city. You'd hate snow birds, tourists, and anyone who couldn't drive with a good head on their shoulders. You might want to stay north of this great city!

You Could Survive For One Month!