Could You Survive Life In Wine Country?

Question 1/10
Pick a time of day:

Question 2/10
What kind of wine do you prefer to drink?

Question 3/10
Where do you want to spend your Saturday?
At that Farmer's market everyone is talking about
At home in bed with my pets
At a day spa
Running errands and catching up on work

Question 4/10
Pick an appetizer:
Cheese plate
Mozzarella sticks
Hummus and pita

Question 5/10
Which sounds the most relaxing right now?
A massage
A walk in the park
A home cooked meal
A long nap

Question 6/10
Which smell do you like best?
Pine trees
Bread in the oven

Question 7/10
Pick your dream house:
A Tuscan style mansion
A modern abode
A chic country house
A cabin in the woods
A beach bungalow

Question 8/10
Which is the most annoying?
Poor tipping
Boring conversation

Question 9/10
How many hours do you want to work per day?

Question 10/10
What do you look for in a partner?
Good taste
Go ahead and start getting your corkscrews and stoppers in a suitcase, you were practically made for life in wine country! Not only do you have expensive taste and a truly cultured attitude, but you'd love to rub elbows with the wealthy folks who call this region home. Though you're pretty laid back and easy going, you're not afraid to work hard to earn some major dime!

You're Made For Life In Wine Country!
Gather up some wine stoppers and get your corkscrew ready, you could survive life in wine country! While it would be difficult for you to settle into life in this wealthy region at first- you'd quickly embrace the slow and easy way of life found in wine country. Sure, you might have to pay a couple million for that two bedroom house, but it'll be worth it when you're staring out upon miles of grape vines and golden valleys.

You Could Survive In Wine Country!
You might love to indulge in a nice red or white every now and again, but the expensive lifestyle of wine country is not for you! As someone who prides themselves in being very grounded and down to earth, you could never rub elbows with the wealthy elite in this area for very long. While you'd love the beauty of wine country- you wouldn't always enjoy the culture!

Wine Country Is Not For You!
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Life in wine country might seem like boozy good fun, but it's not all cabernet and rose in this region of the US! Could you survive life in wine country? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!