Do You Know Which State Would Help You Find Inner Peace?

Finding inner peace isn't always simple, but with the right environment, it is totally possible! Do you know which state could help you to finally achieve inner peace? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10
How would you rate your current mood on a typical day?

Question 2/10
How do you calm down when feeling stressed?
I take a walk
I call a friend
I take a nice long bath
I pour a drink
I do something active

Question 3/10
Does being in nature make you feel recharged?
I dislike nature to be honest

Question 4/10
What do you most want in the future?

Question 5/10
What do you wish you had more time to do during the day?
Meditate/practice yoga
Read a book
Spend time with friends/family
Spend time in nature
Cook a nice meal

Question 6/10
How cluttered is your home life?
It isn't cluttered with things, but it is cluttered
It's pretty much a cluttered catastrophe
Let's just go with messy
It's pretty clean and sparse actually
It's very tidy

Question 7/10
Do you take time to consider how your actions affect others?

Question 8/10
How do you relax on the weekends?
I spend time outside hiking or biking
I garden
I meet up with friends at a local bar
I visit shops or go antiquing
I do something active and out of my comfort zone

Question 9/10
Do you feel as if you're on the right path in life?

Question 10/10
Do you prefer the hustle and bustle of a city or the quiet calm of the country?
I love the hustle and bustle of the city
I love the quiet calm of the country
I like a mix of both to be honest
The state that would help you to find inner peace is Washington. Washington has a very spiritual nature about it. From the tall swaying pines to the beautiful coast line, one can't help but stop and take a deep breath while in this state. A few years roaming the land of Washington will leave you feeling renewed and whole again.

The state that would help you find inner peace is Vermont! Sometimes you just need to get away to a place that values what truly matters in life. Vermont is that place. With a high emphasis on values, family, and culture, you'll always feel like you're in a morally good place while living here.

The state that will help you find inner peace is Utah! Utah is one of those states that is breathtaking in beauty and spiritual in nature. From the beautiful rock formations to the orange and pink sky at dusk, you'll remember what really matters while living in this state.

The state that will help you find inner peace is Colorado! Sometimes the best way to get back to feeling peaceful and at ease is to live somewhere truly beautiful and getting outside in nature. Whether you're hiking or camping, you'll find beauty to behold at every turn in this state.

The state that will help you find inner peace is Hawaii! Can you dream of a place more relaxing than Hawaii? We can't! Watching a sunset on the beach while sipping a cocktail could be exactly what you need to feel wholly at peace once again.