Ever Wondered Which State Is Best For You? Take This Quiz And Find Out!

Ever wondered which state is actually best for you? Take these 10 personality quiz questions and find out where in America you actually belong! You might just find your new home!

Question 1/10

Do you have any hobbies?
I knit
I fish or hike
I garden
I workout
I cook or bake
None of these

Question 2/10

How do you create fun in your life?
I try to plan fun activities.
I just go with the flow.
I follow my spontaneous side.
It varies.

Question 3/10

How would you make the most of a morning off?
I would sleep in.
I would watch Tv.
I would work out.
I would read.
I'd get started on my to do list.

Question 4/10

Friday night: staying home or going out?
I'm staying home. It's my favorite place to be!
I'm going out. Life is too short!
It depends on how tired I am.
It depends on who is free.

Question 5/10

How would your describe your perfect day?

Question 6/10

If you could pick one of these talents, which one would it be?
Singing the alphabet backwards.
Folding clothes in record time.
Writing backwards like a mirror.
Folding a dollar bill into a tiny t-shirt.
Baking the perfect cake.

Question 7/10

Do you like playing board games?
Yes, I love playing board games!
I hate playing board games.
They're okay when the power is out.

Question 8/10

You're hosting a dinner party. Where do you sit?
At the head of the table.
On the corner.
In th middle.
It varies.

Question 9/10

Do you want the treadmill next to someone or no one?
Next to someone.
Next to no one.
Depends on the day.
I don't work out period.

Question 10/10

What do you like to post on social media?
Photos of myself.
Photos of anything but me.
Funny memes.
A bit of everything.
The state that's best for you is Nevada! You're a fun loving soul who just wants to embrace life to the fullest. You're not afraid of trying new things, living large, or stepping out of your comfort zone. What matters most to you is experiencing all that life has to offer!


The state that's best for you is Idaho! You're the perfect mix of responsible and adventurous! Though you work hard and love to spend time with family, you also enjoy spending time outdoors just fishing, hiking, or camping. You're not the type who likes to move at a break neck speed. Instead, you always stop to enjoy the little things!


The state that's best for you is Minnesota! You're a kind, compassionate, and faithful person who believes that nothing comes before your family. You work hard each and every day to make a good life for yourself. Though you have a nice home, material things don't matter much to you! You're much more focused on what actually matters in life.


The state that's best for you is Hawaii! You're just about as relaxed as a person can be. You believe that everything in life unfolds as it should. Rushing the process is futile. You enjoy each new day for what it is and what it could be. You enjoy spending time outside, gardening, or just hanging out with your loved ones! That's what truly makes life amazing!


The state that's best for you is Maryland! You're a hardworking and ambitious soul who is always striving for success. You're very focused on your career and won't stop until you make all of your dreams a reality! Maryland would boast all of the opportunities you're looking for in life!