Everyone Has Two States That Match Their Personality.Which Are Yours?

Everyone has two states that match their personality perfectly, but which two are yours? Ready to find out which two states you could actually call home? Start the quiz!

Question 1/10

You’ve got a big, difficult decision to make concerning your future. How can you sort this out?
Make a pro/con list
Think until my head explodes
Talk to others
Go with my gut
Analyze the options carefully

Question 2/10

What gets your blood pumping?
Being active
Being around outher people
Trying something new
Books and alone time
Meeting a goal

Question 3/10

When recalling a great meal, you're most likely to remember?
The atmosphere of the restaurant
How the food tasted
How it felt
How it smelled

Question 4/10

What is most important to you?
Keeping things under control
Feeling approved by others
Trying new things
Being the best
Taking things slow

Question 5/10

Which character trait defines you?

Question 6/10

Are you comfortable meeting new people?
It depends what mood I'm in.
I'm pretty good at it.
I love social gatherings.
As long as we have the same values and opinions.

Question 7/10

Do you prefer to plan out your days or do you just let things happen?
I'm pretty lost without a schedule
I like to fly by the seat of my pants
I need control over my time
I just go with the flow

Question 8/10

How empathetic are you?
I'm a good listener if that counts.
I'm not the most empathetic person.
I'm very empathetic and compassionate.
It depends on my mood.

Question 9/10

How would you describe your outlook for the future?

Question 10/10

Is truth more important than feelings?
The two states that match your personality are Massachusetts and New York! You area n assertive and outspoken person who is driven to lead. You have the amazing ability o understand difficult problems and find solutions rather quickly. You're intelligent and well-informed, often valuing knowledge and competence above all else. You typically feel kind of impatient and can't stand inefficiency!

Massachusetts And New York

The two states that best match your personality are California and Hawaii! You're enthusiastic, idealistic, and creative. You're able to do almost anything that interests you and are always trying new things. You have great people skills and tend to live life in accordance with your inner values. You're open minded, flexible, and very easy going!

California And Hawaii

The two states that match your personality are Wyoming and Montana! You're a thorough, responsible, and dependable person who is always interested in supporting and promoting tradition. You can come across as serious and quiet, but you're also warm and nurturing towards those you love most. You're well organized and hardworking, always valuing a long day where everything on your list gets done!

Wyoming And Montana

The two states that best match your personality are Florida and Tennessee! You're a people oriented person who just likes to have fun and live in the moment. You love new experiences and will try anything once. You're not one to think too deeply and hate a Debbie Downer who brings every conversation to a stand still. You're all about taking each day and making it something to remember!

Florida And Tennessee

The two states that best match your personality are New Mexico and Utah! You're creative, resourceful, and intellectually quick. You excel at a broad range of activities and aren't afraid to try new things. You're generally quite outspoken and assertive and always enjoy a stimulating conversation with someone new. You value natural beauty and are always down to spend a few hours outside.

New Mexico And Utah