How American Is Your Soul?

Some of us bleed red, white and blue, others are fair weather citizens. Ever wondered just how truly American your soul really is? With just ten simple quiz questions we can reveal the truth! Ready? Start the quiz!

Question 1/10
What are you most thankful for on Thanksgiving Day?
A good job

Question 2/10
What quality do you value most in other people?

Question 3/10
Which do you believe should be emphasized more in the American education system?
God and country
Financial planning
World cultures
Critical thinking

Question 4/10
What does the phrase “the pursuit of happiness” mean to you?
Being able to express myself.
The freedom to follow my dreams.
Building a family.
Building a business.

Question 5/10
What's the best breakfast side dish?
Bacon, obviously.
Hash browns.

Question 6/10
What's most important to you when you vote for a candidate?
Family values
Progressive ideas
Protecting my rights

Question 7/10
If you could no longer live in America, you'd most like to live in....
The UK

Question 8/10
When it comes to money, what's your philosophy?
More is more.
Money talks.
Money is everything.
Money isn't everything.

Question 9/10
Do you own an American flag?
I own several American flags.
I own one American flag.
I don't own any.
I have a flag tattooed on my body.

Question 10/10
How do you like your beer?
Dark and flavorful.
Light and American.
I'm more of a wine drinker!
I don't drink at all.
Your soul is 100% American! No one cares as deeply for this country as you do. Not only do you believe that America is the greatest country on earth, but you truly embody the spirit and freedom of this nation with ease. You're a true patriot through and through!

Your Soul Is Fully American!
Your soul is mostly American! You embody the bold and resilient attitude of America, knowing full well that there's nothing that can stand in the way of your dreams. Though you love this country deeply, you're curious spirit keeps you from feeling to tied down to one place.

Your Soul Is Mostly American!
Your soul belongs to the world! Though you might be an American, you have a wandering soul that belongs to the world at large. You feel as if you've had past lives in many countries, not just the US. While you love America and everything it stands for, you also believe that it's important to keep an open mind and heart when it comes to the rest of the world!

Your Soul Belongs To The World!