How Long Can You Hack It In The State Of Illinois?

Illinois is a state full of great culture and tradition, but how long could you actually live in this state? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out just how long you can hack it in Illinois. It might not be as long as you think!

Question 1/10
Would you ever put ketchup on your hotdog?
Of course!
Not in this lifetime!
Maybe, it depends on my mood.

Question 2/10
Have you ever taken a family vacation to Six Flags?
Hasn't everyone?
I can't remember.
Maybe once.

Question 3/10
What's your favorite 80's movie?
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Home Alone
Uncle Buck
Groundhog Day
I've never heard of these!

Question 4/10
Which baseball team would you root for?
The Cubs
The White Sox
I hate baseball
The Yankees

Question 5/10
In the winter, one should always....
Dress in layers!
Carry around a thermos of coffee.
Have an ice scraper handy.
Hibernate until at least May.
Have one decent coat.

Question 6/10
You hear a tornado siren in the distance. What's your move?
Turn on the TV and stay glued to the alerts.
Head to the basement.
Head to the storm cellar.
Call my friends panicked.

Question 7/10
How do you know it's summer?
When traffic cones appear on the highway.
When the weather starts to get warm.
When the days start to get longer.
When I can actually wear shorts with confidence.

Question 8/10
Where do you buy your produce?
At a farm stand.
At a farmer's market.
At the grocery store.
It depends on the season.

Question 9/10
In your opinion, speed limits are....
The law of the land.
A suggestion.
Intended to be broken.
To be followed.

Question 10/10
Pick a color:
You could hack it in the state of Illinois for a lifetime! Not only are you a diehard Cubs and Bears fan, but you understand that sports are just as much about superstition as skill. You don't think that ketchup and hotdogs go together and that when it comes to pizza, deep dish reigns supreme. You aren't afraid of some wacky weather and you certainly don't shy away from high winds or deep snow. You're as tough as a true citizen of Illinois!

A Lifetime
You could hack it in the state of Illinois for 30 years! Not only can you tell corn from soybeans in a split second, but you understand that state parks are truly diamonds in the rough. For you, speed limits are only a suggestion, just like putting ketchup on a hot dog. You could certainly live in Illinois for 30 years!

30 Years
You could hack it in Illinois for a total of 15 years! For you, it's not uncommon to wear shorts one day and a down coat the next. You're totally weather proof and not bothered by high winds, deep snows, or crazy weather patterns. When it comes to sports, you know there's no such thing as a fair weather fan and that loyalty to your team is more important than stats. You're kind hearted and nurturing, with a love of family, friends, and doing things the old fashioned way!

15 Years
You could hack it in Illinois for a total of 5 years! It's obvious that you're a bulletproof person who is strong enough to withstand crazy weather, diehard sports fans, and an obvious distaste for ketchup. Unfortunately, you wouldn't want to spend more than 5 years in this great state. You're a dreamer with big goals! Illinois simply can't keep up with all of your ambitions!

5 Years
You could hack it in Illinois for 1 year! Not only do you love ketchup on a hot dog, but you've been known to abandon your favorite baseball team during a down season. You hate unpredictable weather and people who have strong opinions on pizza. You might love spending time in Illinois for a bit, but it's certainly not your perfect forever home!

1 Year