How Long Can You Hack It In The State Of Rhode Island?

It might seem like living in Rhode Island is as easy as apple pie, but how long could you actually hack it in the state of Rhode Island? It's time to find out! Take these 10 quiz questions and discover if you could live in this tiny state!

Question 1/10
Describe yourself in a single word:

Question 2/10
What tastes like summer to you?
Soft ice cream
Frozen lemonade
Salt water taffy
Sweet corn

Question 3/10
What's your favorite type of seafood?

Question 4/10
Pick a slang term:

Question 5/10
What's the best way to celebrate the Fourth of July?
With a parade
With fireworks
With a barbecue
With a TV binge-a-thon
With a pool party
How could I choose one?

Question 6/10
Can you swim?
Yes, I'm a very strong swimmer!
I'm a pretty decent swimmer!
I can't swim at all!

Question 7/10
Choose your favorite outdoor activity:
Outdoor shopping

Question 8/10
What do you most want in your house?
A sun porch
A double oven
A rec room
A formal dining room
A pool

Question 9/10
What would we find the most photos of on your phone?
My environment
My family
My friends
My pets

Question 10/10
Where are you most likely to buy a gallon of milk?
The grocery store
A convenience store
A box store
Wherever is convenient
You could hack it in the state of Rhode Island forever! In your opinion, nothing beats a Del's Frozen Lemonade or a big Fourth of July get together. You love seafood, coffee milk, and pointing out the inaccuracies of life in Rhode Island on "Family Guy." You've never met a lighthouse you didn't want to photograph or a small time boutique you didn't want to frequent!

You could hack it in Rhode Island for a total of 20 years! You love that nothing in Rhode Island is more than an hour away and that you can get nearly any type of seafood known to man. You live for the autumn season and tend to feel a wrathful anger towards leaf peepers and tourists. You love small time life and living where everyone knows your name!

20 Years
You could hack it in Rhode Island for 15 years! You're a total foodie who knows coffee culture, seafood, and what constitutes a good pizza pie. For you, nothing beats reading the Sunday paper over a good cup of Joe and a day at the beach. You're very family oriented, laid back, and into celebrating traditions!

15 Years
You could hack it in Rhode Island for 5 years! Though you might love the New England way of life, you're not keen on the small town vibe of Rhode Island. You have big dreams and an even bigger personality. We're not sure this small state could house all that you want to accomplish in life!

5 Years
You could hack it in the state of Rhode Island for one year! While you might love visiting Rhode Island on summer vacation, the reality of living in this state would quickly wear on you. While Rhode Island might be pretty quick to paradise in the summer, winter is a totally different story. You crave a bigger and more consistent life than Rhode Island can provide. It's simply not the state for you!

1 Year