How Long Could You Hack It In Philadelphia?

Ever wondered if you're cut out for life in the city of brotherly love? It's time to find out! Take these 10 quiz questions and find out just how long you could hack it in Philadelphia! It might not be as long as you think!

Question 1/10
In your group of friends, what are you?
The looks
The brains
The muscle
The wildcard
The class clown

Question 2/10
What's the best kind of cheese for a cheesesteak?
I don't eat cheesesteaks!

Question 3/10
Which football team do you respect the LEAST?
The Cowboys
The Giants
The Patriots
The Redskins
The Jaguars

Question 4/10
Be honest, are you a bit superstitious?
I'm very superstitious.
I'm somewhat superstitious.
I'm not superstitious.

Question 5/10
Pick a street food to indulge in:
Soft pretzel
Hot dog
I don't do street food!

Question 6/10
Would you ever visit the Liberty Bell?
Of course, it's a part of history!
Maybe, if I was bored.
Nope, that's for tourists.

Question 7/10
How do you like to get around town?
On foot
On bicycle
Public transportation
Ride share

Question 8/10
When you see someone you know on the street, what do you do?
Run in the opposite direction.
Say hi and chat for awhile.
Try to avoid them at all costs.
Give them a nod and keep walking.

Question 9/10
Which season is your favorite?

Question 10/10
Would you ever live in a row house?
No way!
You could hack it in Philadelphia for a lifetime! We think this deserves some Water Ice! You may or may not have been in Eagle's jail at some point in your life and you know the right way to order a cheesesteak. You know that the right way to say water is "wooder" and that no one really visits the Liberty Bell except tourists! You're tough as nails, resilient, and proud of the city you call home!

A Lifetime
You could hack it in Philadelphia for 30 years! This might just deserve a parade on Broad street! You've always seen yourself as an underdog who has to fight your way to the top. You're resilient and scrappy, with an attitude that's as big as the Ben Franklin bridge. You live for football season, the Mummers Day Parade, and eating a good cheesesteak after catching the Fightin' Phils!

30 Years
You could hack it in Philadelphia for 15 years! Though you often see yourself as being a bit of an underdog, your strong and resilient spirit always allows you to rise above any challenge that life throws your way! You're loyal and dedicated person who would never abandon a friend or a poorly performing sports team. You know the right way to order a cheesesteak, when to ride Septa, and why the Blue Route can make you blue in the face!

15 Years
You could hack it in Philadelphia for 5 years! Sure, you might have the spirit and tenacity of an underdog, but you're not quite gritty enough for life in the city of Brotherly Love! You're the type of person who loves gleaming apartment complexes, big high rises, and fancy restaurants. You don't always feel loyal to one place and love to move around as often as possible. You're loyal to friends, but you also know when it's time to move on and do your own thing!

5 Years
You could hack it in Philadelphia for a total of 1 year! While you might be okay with life in the city of Brotherly love for a few days, you're not well suited to life in the big city! You're a sensitive person who much prefers peace and quiet over roving Eagle's fans and honking taxi cabs. For you, life in the country is a much better fit!

1 Year