How Long Could You Hack It In The State Of Florida?

Florida might be the sunshine state, but it's certainly not everyone's idea of paradise! Do you know how long you could hack it in this Southern state? It's time to find out! Embark on this quiz and discover just how long you could live in the state of Florida!

Question 1/10
Does a little rain ever get you down?
I hate the rain
I love the rain
I don't mind it sometimes

Question 2/10
What's your summer pet peeve?
Crowded beaches
I don't have one!

Question 3/10
Which food are you most likely to try?
Key lime pie
Chicken and waffles
Stone crab
Conch fritters
Sirloin burgers

Question 4/10
What does your family tend to argue about?
What to eat for dinner
College football
Whose turn it is to take out the garbage
Cell phone bill
None of these

Question 5/10
You walk outside only to find an alligator on your patio. What should you do?
Try to shoo it away
Slowly back into the house
Throw things at it
Call animal control
Ignore it and go about your day

Question 6/10
The high is 70 and sunny. What are you wearing?
A sweater and some close toed shoes
Shorts and a t-shirt
Slacks and a nice shirt
A light jacket

Question 7/10
What happens if you touch the metal part of your seatbelt in the summer?
Nothing at all, why do you ask?
You'll get burned!
It'll be a little warm to the touch.

Question 8/10
What keeps you up at night?
Animal sounds
Traffic outside
Work stress
Family life
TV infomercials

Question 9/10
What do you most want in your home?
A sun porch
A basement
An in ground pool
A master suite
A family room

Question 10/10
Can you speak any of these languages?
Just English for me
You could hack it in the state of Florida for a lifetime! Not only have you never met an early bird special you didn't want to take advantage of, but you have a true love of hot weather, skimpy bathing suits, and weekend trips to fancy golf clubs. You love a good slice of key lime pie and a cuban sandwich can turn any frown upside down. You could live in this state for the rest of your life!

A Lifetime
You could hack it in Florida for 25 years! As a fun loving individual who believes that the only good season is Summer, you would love the sunny and bright offerings of life in the sunshine state. From beachside eating and lounging poolside, to savoring a slice of key lime pie on an air conditioned patio, you'd love living the good life in Florida!

25 Years
You could hack it in Florida for a total of 15 years! Why would you trade flip flops and a sunhat for snow boots and a beanie? We can't think of a good reason! Life in Florida would totally suit your fun loving and throw caution to the wind attitude. Sure, there are some pretty strange news stories and gators can often show up in your swimming pool, but those are well worth it to live in this sunny and hot state!

15 Years
You could hack it in Florida for a total of five years! While you'd initially love the year round sunshine, epic thunderstorms, and blistering temperatures, you'd quickly grow to miss four distinct seasons and swimming pools that never boast alligators. You'd grow bored of life in Florida and long for a place that is more diverse in every way. Don't worry, Florida will always have you back if you change your mind!

5 Years
You could hack it in Florida for a total of 2 years! Though you're a fun loving person who loves a little fun in the sun, you'd grow to miss enjoying four distinct seasons. Whether it's the lack of snow at Christmas or the blistering temperatures at Thanksgiving, you crave constant change in both temperature and environment or you can quickly grow bored.

2 Years