How Long Could You Hack It In The State Of Michigan?

Michigan is known for its beautiful lake and its hardworking folks, but how long could you hack it in this state? It's time to find out! Embark on this quiz and discover just how long you could actually hack it in the state of Michigan! The results might just shock you!

Question 1/10
Where would you most like to spend a summer day?
Drinking beers by a lake
At the ocean
At an amusement park
At a baseball game
At home in a hammock

Question 2/10
What's going on your hot dog?
Just ketchup
Mustard of course
Ketchup, onions, and relish
Chili sauce and onions
I don't eat hot dogs

Question 3/10
Pick an ice cream flavor:
Chocolate chip cookie dough

Question 4/10
Pick a college football team:
Michigan State
University of Michigan
Wayne State
Ohio State
Penn State

Question 5/10
What about other drivers makes you crazy?
When they don't use turn signals
When they make u turns
When they text and drive
When they go under the speed limit
When they don't stop at stop signs

Question 6/10
When you want a carbonated beverage, what do you order?
None of these

Question 7/10
Who do you tend to root for?
The underdog
The hero
Whoever is popular

Question 8/10
What can cure almost anything?
A cold beer
A good laugh
A hearty meal
Time alone
A funny YouTube video

Question 9/10
What's the worst smell in the world?
Hot garbage
Car exhaust
A wet dog
Skunk scent
Cooked broccoli

Question 10/10
Would you ever consider going hunting?
I love hunting!
I'm a passionate hunter!
I'd consider hunting.
I'd never hunt.
You could hack it in the state of Michigan forever! For you, the idea of a perfect day is packing up the family and heading to the nearest lake. There, you'll kick back with some cold ones and enjoy what life has to offer. While you're a hard worker with a great mind for innovation, you're also very family oriented and easy going. You know how to toe the line between work and play like only a true Michigan resident could!

You could hack it in Michigan for 20 years! For you, life is all about the memories you make with the people you love most. Whether it's drinking beers by the lake, tailgating at a Lions game, or going for a cruise in your classic car, you know that it's not what you do in life but who you do it with. You're as Michigan as they come!

20 Years
You could hack it in the state of Michigan for 10 years! You're known for your innovative mind, killer work ethic, and love of family/friends. There's nothing you wouldn't do for someone in need, even it meant putting your own wants to the side. You're giving and old fashioned, with a love of all things vintage and sentimental. You would truly thrive in the state of Michigan!

10 Years
You could hack it in Michigan for 5 years! Though you would love the natural beauty of this northern state, you'd quickly tire of the weather, the way of life, and the overall vibe of this great region. Sure, lake life would be fun for a few years, but your love of this state would quickly wain with the lake effect snows.

5 Years
You could hack it for two years in the state of Michigan! While you would love the natural splendor of Michigan, you're a mover and shaker who craves constant change and adventure. You love to travel, try new things, and immerse yourself in new cultures as often as possible. While Michigan can offer you many things, it wouldn't offer you the grandeur you crave!

2 Years