How Long Could You Hack It In The State Of West Virginia?

You might think living in West Virginia is a walk in the park, but how long could you really hack it in this beautiful state? It's time to find out! Embark on these 10 personality quiz questions and find out if you've got what it takes to hack it for the long haul!

Question 1/10
What goes on your hot dog?
Chili sauce
Cole Slaw

Question 2/10
Do you like to know your neighbors?
Yes, I like to be friends with my neighbors!
I like to be friendly to them.
I've never seen my neighbors.
I actively avoid my neighbors.

Question 3/10
What's the most important thing a parent can teach their children?
Good manners
Work ethic
Cheating the system

Question 4/10
What kind of friend are you?
A loyal friend
An honest friend
A "tell it like it is" friend
A fair weather friend
A fun friend

Question 5/10
Which genre of music gets you on the floor?

Question 6/10
What do you crave most in life?

Question 7/10
Choose a snack:
Pepperoni rolls
Bagel bites
Hummus and chips
Fresh baked cookies

Question 8/10
Finish the lyrics: "Almost heaven, West Virginia, __________."
Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River
Many Mountains, Set Next To A River
Life Is Old There, Older Than the Sea
I don't know this song

Question 9/10
What's your favorite outdoor activity?
Hitting the farmer's market
White water rafting

Question 10/10
What's the most important thing that your house can have?
A double oven
A big wrap around porch
A fireplace
A game room
A double vanity bathroom
You could hack it for a lifetime in the state of West Virginia! Not only do you have the words of John Denver's "Take Me Home Country Roads" skillfully memorized, but you truly believe that country life is the best way of life. You're not afraid to roll up your sleeves, work hard, and get a little dirty to get the life you truly want. You could definitely sustain a life in this blue collar state!

A Lifetime
You could hack it for 30 years in the state of West Virginia! Much like the citizens of this state, you know the value of hard work and keeping your priorities straight. The things you want in life aren't always handed to you on a silver platter, sometimes you have to dig in and get a little dirty. With a stellar ambition, a deep love of family, and an eye on protecting tradition, you could last for 30 years in this amazing state!

30 Years
You could hack it for 25 years in West Virginia! West Virginia isn't for anyone who doesn't want to work hard and play even harder. Luckily, you've got the spirit and ambition for both! You're a hardworking soul who knows the value of a dollar. You're not afraid to get a little dirty if it means giving your family the life they crave. You're compassionate, ambitious, and moral in every way!

25 Years
You could hack it for 10 years in the state of West Virginia! Though you'd love the scenery and the people, the careers available in this state wouldn't be for you. With a lack of opportunities and attitudes that you would view as a bit traditional, you simply wouldn't last in West Virginia for more than a decade. Fret not, not every place can feel like home!

10 Years
You could hack it for two years in the state of West Virginia! Unfortunately, you wouldn't get on with this state very well. You're a very liberal person with an eye on the future. Those who live in this state tend to be more traditional with a focus on the present and the past. You crave an exciting and fast paced life. West Virginia just wouldn't be the right fit for you! Keep on searching!

2 Years