How Long Could You Hack It In The State Of Wyoming?

Wyoming is a wild and rural state filled with natural beauty, but it's not everyone's cup of tea. Do you know how long you could hack it in the sate of Wyoming? It's time to find out! Take these 10 quiz questions and discover if you've got what it takes!

Question 1/10
Are you a picky eater?

Question 2/10
Which food are you most likely to choose off of a menu?
Bison steak
Chicken fried steak
Cutthroat Trout

Question 3/10
What do you always keep in your car in case of emergency?
A spare tire
Blankets and water
Jumper cables
All of the above

Question 4/10
Which state do you have an irrational hatred of?
None of these

Question 5/10
Which sounds like the most fun to you?
Going to the rodeo
Watching a football game
Going for a day hike
Hitting the slopes

Question 6/10
What do you fear most?
Global warming
The Yellowstone Super Volcano
Losing a loved one
Failing miserably
Other people

Question 7/10
What do you call an evening meal?
It varies

Question 8/10
What's the last thing you do before going to bed at night?
Open a few windows
Lock all the doors
Say my prayers
Answer some emails
Watch a little TV

Question 9/10
In your opinion, no home is complete without....
A front porch
A smoker
A fireplace
A family room
A few out buildings

Question 10/10
How long can you go without talking to another person?
This quiz revealed that you could hack it in the state of Wyoming forever! You're not afraid to rough it on your own and you certainly don't long for the rat race of the big city. With a deep love of nature and doing things the old fashioned way, we can see you living in Wyoming for a lifetime!

You could hack it in the state of Wyoming for 30 years! Much like this state, you're a fearless soul who isn't afraid to weather a few storms in the name of natural beauty. You work hard, play hard, and always have your priorities straight in life. Though living in Wyoming wouldn't always be a walk in the park, you'd find life here to be more fulfilling than any place you've ever lived before.

30 Years
You could hack it in the state of Wyoming for 10 years! At the start, you'd love Wyoming's wide open spaces and attitude towards living life. Though you'd find the state to be beautiful and charming, you'd soon miss some of the conveniences available in more urban areas. Same day shipping and a Starbucks on every corner are not things you'll find in Wyoming.

10 Years
You could hack it in the state of Wyoming for 5 years! While you'd certainly love your time spent in the wild state of Wyoming, you certainly couldn't live there long term! You're simply not an outdoorsy person. You much prefer the comfort of a Starbucks on every corner and a good Chinese restaurant down the street to quiet solitude and neighbors that live 20 miles away.

5 Years
You could hack it in the state of Wyoming for 1 year! While a year in Wyoming would prove an eye opening experience for you, you'd quickly learn that you could never live in such a wild and wide open place. Not only are you not a big fan of the outdoors, but you tend to fear anything you don't understand. You need the comforts of an urban environment, someplace where you can eat, drink, and be merry around thousands of other people.

1 Year