How Long Will You Stay In Your Current State?

Moving is an inevitable part of life! Do you know how long you'll live in your current state? Let's find out! Take these 10 personality quiz questions and find out how long you'll stay in your current state!

Question 1/10
Which age group do you fall into?

Question 2/10
Are you male or female?
I'd prefer not to answer

Question 3/10
What would you rather have on a Sunday night?
A home cooked meal with all the family
Some yummy takeout
Something simple and fast
A night out at a good restaurant

Question 4/10
What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
I make my bed
I answer emails
I have some coffee
I take a shower
I take care of the family

Question 5/10
What's the worst part about where you live now?
The traffic
The weather
The distance from family
The lack of opportunities
The lack of culture

Question 6/10
Do you have family in your current state?
No one I'm close to

Question 7/10
When it comes to making new friends which describes you best?
I wait for others to approach me.
I make close friends at work, church, and other activities.
I make friends quickly and easily.
I can find something in common with anyone .

Question 8/10
At the end of a long day, you tend to feel...

Question 9/10
How would you describe your job skills?
They're easily transferable
They're pretty specific
I'm a quick learner with diverse skills
I'm not quite sure what I'm good at yet

Question 10/10
What's more important to you?
Staying close to friends and family
Expanding my horizons
Living somewhere exciting
Doing a job that I love
Feeling safe and protected
You're going to stay in your current state for the rest of your life! You can't even imagine leaving your current state for anything in the world. Not only have you never felt at home anywhere else, but you've forged some great connections through friends, co-workers, and family. Your current state is your home and you intend to keep it that way.

The Rest Of Your Life
You're going to stay in your current state for 20 years! Leaving the place you call home would be difficult. With so many great friends, family near by, and amazing memories, you'd struggle to leave anytime soon. We suspect that in 20 years you'll be itching to create some new memories someplace else. For now, enjoy the comforts of your home state!

20 Years
You're going to stay in your current state for a total of 10 years! Though you're not one to pick up and move on a whim, you're not afraid to stray from your comfort zone and expand your horizons. You might love the state you currently live in, but 10 years from now, you'll start to outgrow your current place and crave some new surroundings.

10 Years
You're going to stay in your current state for a total of five years! Sure, you're comfortable where you are now, but comfort doesn't always lead to tremendous amounts of growth. You're a free spirit who loves to roam, adventure, and go where you've never gone before. You'll leave your current state soon!

5 Years
You're going to stay in your current state for 2 years! Sometimes, you have to go where the opportunities are. Not only are you eager to travel and meet new people, but you don't want to be tied down to one place just yet. Expand your horizons and keep on following your own path. Who knows where you'll end up in the future!

2 Years