How Philadelphia Are You Really?

Everyone knows that Philadelphians are proud to represent their city at every turn! The question is: just how Philadelphia are you really? Ready to find out? Take these 10 quiz questions and discover how much Philly is in your veins!

Question 1/10
What do you call a large sandwich with meats and cheeses?
A hoagie
A sub
A grinder
I use all of these interchangeably

Question 2/10
How do you take your cheesesteak?
What does any of this mean?

Question 3/10
What are you most likely to be jailed for at an Eagle's game?
Sneaking alcohol
Teasing other fans

Question 4/10
What kind of house did you grow up in?
A row house
A stone colonial
An apartment
A cabin
A farmhouse

Question 5/10
What sport are you most passionate about?
All of the above
None of the above

Question 6/10
How would a close friend describe you in a word?

Question 7/10
What was your best subject in school?

Question 8/10
Can you recite the entire Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song?
What's that?

Question 9/10
Is the word "Yo" part of your daily vocabulary?

Question 10/10
Where is Wildwood?
In New Jersey
Down the shore
Outside of Philly
I don't know
You're 100% Philadelphia! You've got the passion, the soul, and the attitude that only a true Philadelphian can possess. Not only do you always root for the underdog, but you're committed to the people and things that you love most. Whether you're supporting your favorite sports team, scouting out the best cheesesteak, or simply working hard to provide for your family, you do everything with passion and purpose.

100% Philadelphia
You are 75% Philadelphia! Like any true Philadelphian, you know a thing or two about loyalty and sticking with something through thick and thin. Not only do you always root for the underdog, but you understand the value of working hard and giving something your all. You've got the passion, the love, and the attitude of this city rushing through your veins!

75% Philadelphia
You are 50% Philadelphia! Like a true Philadelphian, you never give up when the going gets tough. In fact, you prefer a little challenge in your life. You love to root for the underdog, even if it's unpopular or uncool. You're a loyal friend, sibling, child, and spouse. There's nothing you wouldn't do for the people or the city you love most. With a deep love of art, music, and history, you definitely have some of this city in you!

50% Philadelphia
You are 30% Philadelphia! Like the folks that call this city home, you're not afraid of a little grit and hard work. You're a passionate soul who will often throw yourself into a project, sporting event, or relationship with 100% commitment. Though you may appreciate the culture and history of this city, you're not quite a diehard Philly lover just yet.

30% Philadelphia
You are 15% Philadelphia! Unfortunately, you don't have much in common with this blue collar town or the passionate folks who call it home. You're not one to root for the underdog and you can often be a bit of a fair-weather friend. You hate conflict, often avoiding any kind of altercation like the plague. Though you're tremendously bright and creative, you're not concerned with art, history, or diversity.

15% Philadelphia