How Will You Change The United States?

Every citizen has the power to create lasting change in the United States! The question is: how will you use your power? How exactly might you change the US? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
As a child, you always dreamt about being...
A movie star
An astronaut
A writer
None of these

Question 2/10
Where do you do most of your grocery shopping?
A large supermarket.
A local convenience store.
A farmer's market.
An organic fair trade market.

Question 3/10
What did you last donate?
Money to a charity or collection.
Coothing to the Salvation Army.
Food to a food pantry.
Time at a local organization.
None of these

Question 4/10
Where are you most likely to volunteer?
A political campaign.
An animal shelter.
A nursing home.
A church food drive.
None of these.

Question 5/10
You're supposed to bring something to a potluck. What do you bring?
All of the booze.
Side dishes.
Chips and dip.
Fruit salad.

Question 6/10
You notice a problematic intersection in your area that really needs a stop sign. What do you do?
Create a petition to have a stop sign put in place.
Get in touch with local government.
Rant about it on Facebook.
Hope someone else fixes it.

Question 7/10
You're stuck in a crowded elevator. Do you make small talk?
No way, I'm staring at the ground.
It depends on who is in the elevator with me.
Of course, it's a great chance to meet new people!

Question 8/10
What annoys you the most?
Bad drivers
Rude people

Question 9/10
What sounds like your ideal Sunday?
Cleaning out my closests and organizing.
Going to church with the family.
Catching up on work.
Lots of quiet time to reflect and renew.

Question 10/10
Where would you most like to live?
On the coast.
Near the mountains.
In the middle.
In a big city.
You're going to change the United States by running for office! What the US needs is politicians with the right goals and values in mind. A candidate who is for the people and not for business or themselves. As a good hearted and hardworking soul who is in touch what what matters, you could help change America by running for office and enacting changes that could last a lifetime!

By Running For Office!
You're going to change the United States by creating a social movement! You have the power and the influence to help get real change rolling by creating a true movement. Whether your cause is equal pay or human rights, you're a leader who others can't help but follow. Use your powers of influence for good and you'll change the US forever!

By Creating A Movement!
You're going to change the US by calling out social injustice! Sometimes all it takes to change the world is using your voice to speak out against injustice. You don't always have to create a big movement or have a position of power. It's as simple as following your own moral compass and doing what's right!

By Calling Out Injustice!
You're going to change the US by demonstrating kindness and understanding! Kindness begets kindness. If more people showed one another love and understanding, there might be less conflict. By being the type of person who is always warm, open, and kind, you're helping to invite more of the same!

By Demonstrating Kindness And Understanding!