In Which State Will You Meet Your Next Best Friend?

Some states are known for their warmth, hospitality, and kindness! Others...not so much. Do you know which state you'll meet your next best friend in? Take this quiz and find out!

Question 1/10
What do you treasure most in a friend?

Question 2/10
What do people tend to ask you for advice on?

Question 3/10
What's your friendship philosophy?
Friends come and go
Quality over quantity
The more the merrier
A good friend is hard to find
Friends are the family you choose

Question 4/10
What quality do you bring to the friendship table?
I'm intelligent
I'm kind
I'm humorous
I'm adventurous
I'm loyal

Question 5/10
What do you most want to do on a Friday night?
Binge Netflix
Hit the bar scene
Go out to dinner
Host some friends

Question 6/10
What do you believe is your worst quality?
Time management
I'm impatient
I'm over sensitive
I'm loud
I'm irritable

Question 7/10
Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?
I'm more of an introvert
I'm more of an extrovert
It depends on the day

Question 8/10
How sensitive are you?
Very sensitive
Kind of sensitive
Not sensitive at all

Question 9/10
What's your greatest fear?
Being alone
Ailing health
The dark
None of these

Question 10/10
What is your friendship deal breaker?
Lack of things in common
I'm not sure
The state where you'll meet your best friend is North Carolina! Much like the folks of this state, you are warm, inviting, and always looking to meet new people. You're an extroverted individual with a love of socializing and going out! No one would ever catch you in reading a book on a Friday night.

North Carolina
The state where you'll meet your best friend is Florida! You love to have a good time and live life in the present. You don't worry too much about tomorrow or yesterday. Instead, you live to socialize, laugh, and make a few new friends along the way.

The state where you'll meet your best friend is Colorado! You're an outdoorsy person with a deep love of nature and recreation. You feel most like yourself when going on a long hike, kayaking down a winding river, or taking in a gorgeous sunset.

The state where you'll meet your best friend is Georgia! You're a kind and compassionate person who is all about helping out friends and family. You love to surround yourself with individuals who share your warmth and passion for giving back.

The state where you'll meet your best friend is Missouri! You're an old soul who holds the traditions and values of the past near and dear to your heart. You love to embrace old school activities such as going to a drive-in movie or stepping out to an ice cream parlor. Now all you need is a friend to do it all with!