Plan a Vacation and We’ll Decide Which State You should Live In!

Plan a vacation from start to finish and we'll tell you exactly which state you should be living? Just how much do your vacation preferences actually reveal about you? It's time to find out!

Question 1/10
The journey is as important as the destination! What’s your preferred method of transportation?
Any of these will work!

Question 2/10
How long is your perfect trip?
Between 3 and 4 days
Between 7 and 10 days
Around 14 days
A full 30 days

Question 3/10
Pick a word to describe your ideal vacation:
Low key

Question 4/10
On which continent will you be spending your time off?
North America

Question 5/10
Who will be joining you on your journey?
My significant other
My best friend
My whole family
My co-workers
I'm rolling solo

Question 6/10
What kind of environment do you like?
A mix of all of these

Question 7/10
What kind of accommodations will you find?
An Airbnb
A resort
A hotel or motel
A hostel
A campground

Question 8/10
What kind of activities do you plan before sunset?
A walking tour
A spa day
Retail therapy
A food tour
A hike or bike ride

Question 9/10
What evening activities are on the agenda?
Clubbing and drinking
Enjoying live music
Going to the theater
Eating at the best restaurant in town
Resting and relaxing

Question 10/10
Choose your fuel:
Good local cuisine
Fast food
Healthy and hearty
Shakes and smoothies
A mix of all of these
Based on your ideal vacation, you should live in Florida! It's fairly obvious that you're craving life in a warm weather state. You live for beach weather, seafood, and a killer slice of key lime pie. You've been known to rock a visor on more than one occasion and your sandal collection could put even the most diehard beach lover to shame. Florida is the state for you!

Based on your ideal vacation, you should live in California! What you really want is to take life at an easy pace without rushing through every minute like a crazy person. California is a diverse state with mountains, beaches, deserts, and valleys. As someone who loves to adventure and try new things, you'll never be bored in this sun soaked state!

Based on your ideal vacation, you should live in Utah! Utah is one of America's most diverse states, especially if you love a mix of big cities and small towns. You're the type who seems to love outdoor recreation, spending time with family, and a good festival. You'll never find a shortage of close knit families, great bike paths, or good food in this state.

Based on your vacation, you should live in Maine! Maine is one of America's most beautiful states, especially if you love to lead a low key life and take in nature's splendor. You'll never find a shortage on lobster, good blueberry cake, or flannel in this state.

Based on your vacation, you should live in Michigan! This is a great place to be, especially since you love outdoor recreation. Michigan has a bit of something for everyone. From beautiful lakeside beaches and amazing food, to great industry and people, you won't ever feel as if you're missing out in this state!