Reveal Your Social Strength And We’ll Tell You Where You Should Live!

Reveal your greatest social strength and we'll tell you which state you should actually be living in! Where you are right now might not be where you belong. Take these 10 quiz questions and discover where you should live!

Question 1/10
What is your favorite time of year?

Question 2/10
Do you always celebrate the achievements of others?
Sure, as long as they don't overshadow my own.
I'm always happy for other people.
Sometimes, but it depends on the achievement.
Never, I can be a bit bitter sometimes.

Question 3/10
Instead of making snap judgements, you always....
Give people the benefit of the doubt.
Look deeper into who they are.
Try to see things their way.
Go with my gut.

Question 4/10
What do you like to do in your free time?
Hang out with friends.
Go for a hike or a walk.
Cook or bake.
Surf the internet.
Participate in activities or volunteer.

Question 5/10
Do you have trouble remembering people's names?

Question 6/10
What are your manners like?
I have great manners!
My manners are okay most of the time.
What are manners?

Question 7/10
Would you rather be able to turn invisible or be able to fly?
I'd rather be able to turn invisible.
I'd rather be able to fly.
I can't decide.

Question 8/10
You have a true knack for...
Solving conflicts
Making others feel comfortable
Making people laugh
Having good manners
Complimenting others

Question 9/10
Have you ever failed to return a library book?
Yes, in fact, I should do that....
No, that would require going to a library.
Once or twice.
Not that I can recall!

Question 10/10
What's most important to you?
Personal space
Being with likeminded individuals
Feeling included
Helping others
Having fun
Given that your greatest social strength is being highly approachable, we think the social state of Texas is the best fit for you! You're the type of person who can easily make others feel at ease and right at home. You're confident, but never cocky. Texas is definitely the right state for you!

Given that your social strength is having amazing manners and a sense of charm, we think South Carolina is the state for you! As someone who values etiquette, tradition, and doing things the old fashioned way, you'd feel right at home in this charming Southern state!

South Carolina
Given that your greatest social strength is being very open minded and accepting, we think Vermont is definitely the place for you! You're the type of person who is always willing to listen to the opinions of others and consider their position. You're not one to judge harshly or quickly. You always give those around you the benefit of the doubt!

Given that you're greatest social strength is being a creative thinker, Washington is definitely the best fit for you! You're the type of person who prides yourself on marching to the beat of your own drum and thinking outside of the box. Others admire your confidence and artistic ability!

Given that your greatest social strength is conversing with and relating to others, we believe that Pennsylvania is truly the best state for you! You're the type of person who loves to interact with individuals from all walks of life. You're not afraid to talk to strangers or engage with someone who doesn't share your world view. You're laid back, relatable, and down to earth.