What Percent Midwestern Are You?

Do you think you know what percent midwestern you are? It's time to find out! Embark on these 10 quiz questions and discover how much you really have in common with a true midwesterner! The results might surprise you!

Question 1/10

What do you call a carbonated beverage?
A soda
A coke
A pop
A fizzy drink

Question 2/10

What time do you usually wake up in the morning?
With the sunrise
7 AM
8 AM
9 AM
10 AM or later

Question 3/10

Which of these do you prefer?
Dunkin' Donuts
Caribou Coffee
I prefer coffee from home or a local diner

Question 4/10

Ever been to something called a Friday Fish Fry?
Only every Friday night!
Maybe, a few times.
What's a fish fry?

Question 5/10

Where can you be found on Sundays?
At church
Parked in front of the TV
Tailgating the big game
Running errands
Cooking up a big dinner

Question 6/10

Pick a dish:
Tater Tot Hot dish
Tuna Noodle Casserole
Chicken pot pie
Steak and potatoes
Deep dish pizza

Question 7/10

Have you ever baled hay, detassled corn, or topped tobacco?
Of course!
What are you talking about?
I think so...

Question 8/10

At what age did you learn how to drive?

Question 9/10

What's your biggest priority in life?
Spending time with family
Being successful
Making money
Feeling fulfilled
Doing right by others

Question 10/10

No matter what sport you’re tailgating for, it’s not tailgating without a game of...
Go Fish
Corn hole
You are definitely 100% Midwestern! Much like this region of the US, you're kind, hardworking, traditional, family oriented, and faith driven. You believe that family and friends come before anything else. You're not driven by material pursuits and you tend to think the best nights are those spent talking, laughing, and sharing a good meal. You love a good hot dish and know that throwing back a cold beer is one of life's best little pleasures!

100% Midwestern

You are 70% Midwestern! Much like this region of the US, you are hardworking, dependable, steadfast, ambitious, and old fashioned! You're not afraid to get your hands dirty or work hard to earn a good living. Providing for your family is of the utmost importance to you! Not only do you work hard, but you know that spending time working on your hobbies and relaxing in nature are the hallmarks of a well rounded life. For you, nothing is better than looking out across a beautiful field and sipping on a cold one!

70% Midwestern

You are 40% midwestern! Much like this region of the US, you are spirited, friendly, open minded, compassionate, and giving. You tend to focus more on the needs of others than on yourself. While this might mean that you don't always have time to catch up on your shows or truly take some "me" time, you're willing to make sacrifices to feel fulfilled. You love to cook, bake, and provide for those you care about most. You're noble, faithful, and truly unique!

40% Midwestern

You are 20% Midwestern! You don't share much in common with this region of the US and tend to think that Midwestern values are a bit too old school. As someone who is highly driven, extroverted, ambitious, and adventurous, you fit into places where nothing is constant, diversity is everywhere, and there is variety at every turn. You're more of a Northeastern kind of person!

20% Midwestern

You are only 10% Midwestern! While you might respect the midwestern way of life, it's certainly not for you. As someone who is very bold, spontaneous, adventurous, and intelligent, you crave stimulation and culture. You need to be able to try new foods, travel to exciting places, and meet as many new people as you can.

10% Midwestern