What Type of Californian Are You?

Every state has it's stereotypes and California is no exception. Do you know exactly what type of Californian you really are? It's time to find out! Take these 10 questions and discover which typical California personality you possess.

Question 1/10

What kind of climate do you prefer?
Hot and dry
An indoor controlled climate
Cool and breezy
Hot and humid
A little chilly

Question 2/10

What's the best way to unwind after work?
Hitting some local boutiques for retail therapy
Shots at the bar with my pals
Watching the sunset on the beach
Hitting a new restaurant
Going for a run or jog

Question 3/10

Would you ever get plastic surgery?
I'm not sure

Question 4/10

Which music artist are you most likely to listen to?
Jack Johnson
Imagine Dragons
The Lumineers
Katy Perry

Question 5/10

What kind of dog breed do you love the most?
French bulldog
Golden Retriever
Any kind of rescue mix

Question 6/10

How do you feel about long term relationships?
I don't like them, I need my freedom!
They're okay for a while, but they get old fast.
They're the best, being connected to someone is a comfort.

Question 7/10

How would you describe your views on God?
I'm not religious I'm spiritual
I believe in many gods
I believe in one god
I don't believe in anything

Question 8/10

How are you most likely to stay in shape?
Carefully planning out everything I eat
Yoga or pilates
Running or hiking
Moving the remote for the TV up and down
Walking to get frozen yogurt

Question 9/10

Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?
I'm more of an introvert
I'm more of an extrovert
It depends on the day

Question 10/10

Which of the following jobs would you most likely have?
Tech support
Part time model
Aspiring actor
The type of Californian you are most like is "the B list actor!" Much like this typical Californian, you can most easily be found at bars, clubs, and cafes talking about your next big project or your newly made business connection. You may not be on the A list just yet, but you've got the drive to get there one day.

The "B" List Actor

The type of Californian that you're most like is the beach bum! Much like this typical Californian, you're easy going, mellow, and just looking to cut loose. You don't take life too seriously and you tend to avoid work as often as possible. You'd much rather hang out on the beach and get by in your own way.

The Beach Bum

The type of Californian that you're most like is the hardcore foodie! You're all about trying new foods, eating at the best restaurants, and hitting all of the latest food related hot spots. You're not a food snob so much as you're a true food lover.

The Hardcore Foodie

The type of Californian that you're most like is the health nut! Much like this typical Californian, you're totally obsessed with staying fit, trim, and healthy. You only eat healthy foods, love to workout, and tend to make all of your friends at workout related classes.

The Health Nut

The type of Californian that you're most like is the shopaholic! Much like this typical Californian, you're all about scoring the latest trends and deals at all of the best boutiques. Some might call you a shopaholic, but we prefer shopping enthused.

The Shopaholic