What Type Of State Traveler Are You?

There are many types of travelers, but what type of traveler are you? It's time to find out who you become when traveling through the states! To the quiz!

Question 1/10

Who do you travel with?
I travel solo
I travel with a close friend
I travel with my significant other
I travel with family
It depends

Question 2/10

It's raining at your first destination. What do you do to pass the time?
I order room service
I watch TV or a movie
Put on my rain jacket and make the most of it
Visit a museum
Consider the whole day shot

Question 3/10

When you look through your travel photos, what do you find the most pictures of?
Sunrises or sunsets
Amazing meals
Fun landmarks
Beautiful landscapese
New friends I met along the way

Question 4/10

Are you an adventurous eater?

Question 5/10

What do you most like to do on your vacation?
Visit museums or historic landmarks
Engage in local culture
Relax and enjoy nature
Sleep in with no schedule
Whatever tickles my fancy at the time

Question 6/10

How many hours can you drive in a single day?
4 or 5
6 or 8
9 or 10
More than 10
Less than 3

Question 7/10

Which flower do you like best?

Question 8/10

Where would you prefer to go camping?
In the mountains
At the beach
In the desert
In a forest
At a campground

Question 9/10

What would your worst enemy say about you?
I'm uptight
I'm flighty
I'm vain
I'm unpredictable
I'm wishy washy

Question 10/10

What do you want to get out of traveling?
A broader worldview
Good pictures
Facebook bragging rights
A love of my country
An appreciation for different states
You're the techie traveler! When you travel, you're all about bringing along the latest gadgets and posting all of your adventures straight to social media. Almost every aspect of your trip will be caught on camera and shared with your best pals!

The Techie Travler

You're the planner! Before you can even think about embarking on a trip, you need to have every single aspect of your vacation planned out and organized. You're not one for spontaneity and much prefer to know exactly what each day will have in store!

The Planner

You're the budgeter! You're the type of traveler who loves to do and see as much as possible while sticking to a budget. You don't have unlimited funds, but you do have an unlimited thirst for adventure!

The Budgeter

You're the frequent stopper! You love a good road trip and while on that road trip you love to make frequent stops at interesting points you find along the way. In your mind, the journey is as much a part of the vacation as the destination itself.

The Frequent Stopper

You're the spiritual seeker! You often embark on a trip or vacation in the hopes of learning something new about yourself. You're always open to meeting new people and never turn down an opportunity to try something new.

The Spiritual Seeker