Where In The States Will You Be 6 Months From Now?

Can you guess where you'll be living six months from now? The answer might not be as clear as you think! Take these 10 quiz questions and discover where you'll really be six months out. Your future is ready to be told!

Question 1/10

If you could magically learn one skill, what would it be?
Gourmet cooking
A foreign language
Personal finance

Question 2/10

You randomly receive $1,000 in the mail. What do you do with it?
Stick it in savings
Book a vacation
Buy gifts for my friends and family
Fix up the house
Go on a shopping spree

Question 3/10

What do you tend to take the most photographs of?
My self
My family
My food
My pets
My environment

Question 4/10

As a child, what was your favorite game at recess?
Swinging on the swings
Playing house
Four square
Hop scotch
Any organized sport

Question 5/10

Are you currently single?
It's complicated

Question 6/10

What do you value most?
My independence
My career
My family
My health
My quality of life

Question 7/10

If you could be the best at one thing, you would choose...
Best parent
Best negotiator
Best comedian
Best teacher
Best cook

Question 8/10

Do you run hot or cold?
I run hot
I run cold
It depends on the day

Question 9/10

What area of life is your top priority?
My social media accounts
Taking care of my family
Moving up the ladder at work
Experiencing all life has to offer
Learning new skills

Question 10/10

Are you more city or more country?
I'm more city
I'm more country
I'm a mix of both
Six months from now you'll be living in the state of Wyoming! Right now, you're pretty tired of constantly being shoulder to shoulder with other people. You're craving a place with wide open spaces, blazing blue skies, and all of the personal time one could ever want!


Six months from now, you'll be living in New Hampshire! Right now, you need a major dose of nature. You're tired of seeing concrete and street lights at every turn. Instead, you want to embrace a place where trees outnumber people and you can find some time to get to know who you really are.

New Hampshire

Six months from now you'll be living in Hawaii! You're tired of the rat race and competition of the mainland. You want a more relaxed and low key way of life that doesn't require 60 hour work weeks or constant butt kissing. You're going to make the move to Hawaii and start living life the way it was meant to be loved!


Six months from now you'll be living in Minnesota! Have you ever been accused of being too nice? Perhaps, too caring? It's time for you to pack your bags and move to a place where your kind nature, warm heart, and loyalty will finally be appreciated.


Six months from now you'll be living in Idaho! You've been feeling restless and bored with your current life. You secretly crave wide open spaces, laid back folks, and more recreation than even know what to do with. Idaho is a hidden treasure, and it's the key to your happiness.