Where Will You End Up Next?

Where you'll end up isn't always a sure thing, but with these 10 quiz questions we can tell you where you might end up next! Ready for the results? Let's go!

Question 1/10

If you could magically learn one skill, it would be....
Gourmet cooking
A foreign language
Financial investing

Question 2/10

What was your favorite game at recess?
Organized sports
Four square
Playing house

Question 3/10

Are you currently single or in a relationship?
I'm single
I'm married
I'm in a committed relationship
It's complicated

Question 4/10

Which area of life gets your undivided attention?
My family
My studies
My work
My dreams
My partner

Question 5/10

Could you live in a big city?
Absolutely, I already do.
I'm not sure.
No way, I need fresh air.

Question 6/10

What makes you the happiest?
Looking good
Being a good friend
Doing great work
Completing a challenge

Question 7/10

What's the first letter of your surname?

Question 8/10

How does rainy weather make you feel?
Pretty gloomy
Calm and relaxed
A bit down in the dumps
Happy as a clam

Question 9/10

Who calls the shots in your life?
I do
My parents do
My friends do
It's a mix

Question 10/10

How easy is it for you to make new friends?
Very easy, I'm a social butterfly.
Pretty easy, I can connect with most people.
Not very easy at all.
It's downright difficult.
The next place you're going to end up is the West Coast! Life is just a little bit more laid back and chill in the West! You're at a place in life where you're pretty much fed up with unpredictable weather, moody people, and the constant hustle of the eastern half of the US. You crave sunshine, creativity, and a chance to enjoy life to the fullest! The next place you end up will most definitely be the west!

The West Coast

The next place you're going to end up is the deep south! You're at a place in life where you're focused on family, friends, and embracing the slower side of life. You craves stability and good moral values. As someone who loves to cook, bake, and host family as often as possible, it only makes sense for you to live in the more traditional south!

The Deep South

The next place you're going to end up is the Midwest! You're at a place in life where friends, family, and hard work are the most important things. As a very warm and kindhearted person, you crave an environment that's as sweet and humble as you are. You value connection above material possession and definitely aren't afraid of embracing all four seasons! The Midwest is right for you!

The Midwest

The next place you're going to end up is the Pacific Northwest! You're at a place in life where you want to be surrounded by nature and people who share your unique world view. You pride yourself on being very creative and open minded, with a true compass for what matters most in life. Though you might not warm up to the rain at first, you'd quickly fall in love with the weather, food, people, and beautiful landscapes.

The Pacific Northwest

The next place you're going to end up is the Northeast! You're at a place in life where you're hyper focused on your goals. You have big dreams and a great sense of ambition. You know what you want in life and you need to live somewhere that can help you become the person you want to be. The northeast is most definitely right for you!

The Northeast