Which Midwest State Suits Your Values?

Staying true to your values is one of the most important things in life! That means finding the right home is of the utmost importance. Do you know which midwest state best suits your values? Let's find out!

Question 1/10

Your co-workers are gossiping about one of your friends at work. What do you do?
Join in, I don't want them to talk about me next.
Stick up for my friend.
Say nothing, but approach my friend about it later.
Gently ask them to stop.
Do nothing and walk away. Gossip happens.

Question 2/10

What do you believe is the most valuable asset a person can have?
Work ethic
Strong morals
Self awareness

Question 3/10

What makes work rewarding for you?
Feeling challenged
Feeling useful
Feeling fulfilled
Using my skills
Feeling creative

Question 4/10

Which job would you most like to try one day?
College professor
Stay at home parent

Question 5/10

You find out you only have six months left to live, what do you do?
Consult with a religious or spiritual adviser
Try hard to make an impact in some way
Write letters for my family
Channeling my emotions into a creative endeavor
Travel the world

Question 6/10

What makes a well lived life?
Being a good provider for my family
Always doing the right thing
Working hard to secure a successful career
Remaining faithful to my beliefs
A bit of everything

Question 7/10

Your visiting a new place for the weekend. What do you plan on doing?
Exploring an art museum
Trying new types of food
Visiting all the touristy landmarks
Shopping for deals
Chatting with locals

Question 8/10

What's your greatest annoyance?
Lack of ambition
Lack of morals
Mistreatment of others

Question 9/10

What do you most want to teach your children?
Stick to your principles
Always work hard for what you want
Never take those you love for granted
Never stop learning
Always strive for greatness

Question 10/10

Is it important to know your neighbors?
Yes, it creates a bond and a sense of community.
Not really, I'm not looking for friends.
It depends on where you live.
The Midwest state that best suits your values is Minnesota! Minnesota is a state that strives to promote kindness, creativity, teamwork, and integrity. You've always been one to help a neighbor in need, give a hand, and do what's right by those around you. You're compassionate nature makes the Midwest the perfect state for your values!


The midwest state that best suits your values is Kansas! Kansas has always placed an emphasis on working hard, giving back, and being neighborly to those around you. Your values tend to revolve around good morals and being an ethically sound person. Kansas is truly the state for you!


The Midwest state that best suits your values is Missouri! This state thrives on the creativity and authenticity of its people. You've always strived to be yourself and stay true to your ideals at all times. Not only would Missouri never challenge your values, but you'd find many people who hold your values in high esteem!


The midwest state that best suits your values is Wisconsin! Individuals in Wisconsin are known to be kind, hard working, driven, and open minded. Your values tend to revolve around kindness, compassion, and creative integrity. Wisconsin is the perfect state for you!


The midwest state that best suits your values is Michigan! Michigan is like the little engine that could in terms of states. This place values those who are ambitious, innovative, and willing to go the extra mile to make things better for everyone.