Which New York Stereotype Are You?

If you were a New York stereotype, which one would you be? Would you fit the bill when it comes to being an angry New Yorker? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out which New York stereotype you actually are!

Question 1/10

How do you feel about travel?
I don't have time to travel.
Travel is my life.
It's one of my favorite things to do!
What's the point?

Question 2/10

A family who doesn't speak English moves in next door. What is your reaction?
There goes the neighborhood!
Whatever, I'll never talk to them anyway.
Awesome, we could use more culture!
I'd love to get to know them.

Question 3/10

Which of these trends have you worn in the past?
A mullet
Shoulder pads
Ripped jeans
Peg pants
Skinny tie

Question 4/10

You're walking up Broadway and you spot a rat scurrying across the path directly in front of you. You…
Carry on.
Don't give it a second thought.
Complain to whoever is willing to listen.

Question 5/10

Which driving offense are you guilty of committing?
Not using a turn signal.
Speeding in a work zone.
Cutting people off.
Running stop signs.

Question 6/10

Which set of adjectives best describes you?

Question 7/10

Who is your best friend?
Someone I've known since I was a kid.
One of my co-workers.
An old college friend.
My significant other.
My mom.

Question 8/10

Which of the characters on Seinfeld do you most identify with?

Question 9/10

Which of these unusual pets are you most likely to own?
A bird
A stray cat
A ferret
I don't have time for pets

Question 10/10

Where is the best place to meet your soulmate?
At work
In high school
At a bar
How should I know?
The New York stereotype that you're most like is thinking that you're better than everyone else! New Yorkers tend to think that they're the best of the best and better than the rest. Much like the folks who call this city home, you really think that you're way is the right way all of the time. Remember, no one is better than anyone else!

You Think You're Better Than Everyone Else.

The New York stereotype that you're most like is having very strong opinions! People in New York city tend to have very strong opinions and so do you! If someone tells you that you're wrong, they may be in for a lengthy explanation as to why you're right. You believe that you always know what you're talking about and that your way is the right way!

You Have Strong Opinions.

The New York stereotype that you're most like is being a bit rude! You tend to get very annoyed when people bump into you, cut you off, or generally get in your way. While you're kind and big hearted to your friends and family, you simply have no patience or tolerance for anyone who messes up your day in the slightest.

You're Rude.

The New York stereotype that you're most like is being a food snob! You see yourself as a total foodie with great taste. You've tried every new restaurant, bar, and cafe in town. You believe that good food is worth the extra money and that it's always the right thing to believe the hype.

You're A Food Snob.

The New York stereotype that you're most like is being a very defensive driver! When you drive, you're a bit on the aggressive side. You don't mind weaving in out of traffic, yielding when you should stop, or generally just taking up as much of the road as possible. When you drive, you almost become a different person entirely!

You're A Defensive Driver.