Which Of The 50 States Is Best For Your Personality?

Ever wondered which of the 50 states is actually best for your personality? It's time to find out! Take these 10 quiz questions and reveal exactly which state you're best suited for. The results might just surprise you!

Question 1/10

Would you rather read a paper book or a Kindle?
Paperback book
I donI don't like to read period.
I do a mix of both.

Question 2/10

Are you more likely to wear jeans or chinos?
It depends on the day

Question 3/10

If you were reborn in a new life, would you rather be alive in the past or future?
The past
The future
I'd want to be born in the present day
I'm not sure...

Question 4/10

Would you rather be the funniest, the most intelligent, or the most liked person in the room?
The most liked person
The funniest person
The most intelligent person
I'm not sure

Question 5/10

Would you rather be able to stop timeor go back in time?
Stop time
Go back in time
Go foward in time

Question 6/10

Would you rather travel by plane, train, or automobile?
None of these

Question 7/10

Would you rather camp in an RV, stay in a tent, or rent a five star hotel room?
Camp in an RV
Stay in a tent
Rent a five star room
It depends on my mood

Question 8/10

Would you rather watch sports, play sports, or talk about sports?
Watch sports
Play sports
Talk about sports
A mix of all three
I hate sports

Question 9/10

Who would you want with you if you were stranded on a deserted island?
My best friend
My significant other
My Mom or dad
My dog or cat
I'm not sure

Question 10/10

What is the one thing that should be taught in school that isn’t already?
Personal finance
Time management
Understanding taxes
Self care
The state you belong in is Idaho! You're a relaxed and easy going person who takes life one day at a time. You live for outdoor recreation, spending time with friends, and enjoying the little things. You're not concerned with material things and are always looking for ways to better yourself!


The state you belong in is Montana! You're a hardworking and driven person who knows the value of putting in the time and effort to meet a goal. You love to spend time in the great outdoors, whether it's a day hike or an overnight camping trip. As an introvert, you tend to prefer time alone and a bit of space from the hectic nature of everyday life! Montana is calling your name, will you answer?


The state you belong is Hawaii! You're an easy going and totally chill person who doesn't get easily stressed out. In fact, you believe in the flow of life and embracing all of the ups and downs. You live for family and friends, often throwing together big barbecues and get togethers. For you, nothing beats a gorgeous sunrise or a dip in the pool. Hawaii is calling your name!


The state you belong is Massachusetts! You're a highly intelligent and ambitious soul who loves to learn new things and expand your horizons. You love having deep conversations and discussions, especially if things get a bit heated! You value history, tradition, and doing things in a certain way. For you, nothing beats a hot cup of Dunkin' Donuts or a delicious lobster roll!


The state you belong in is Minnesota! Have you ever been accused of being a bit too nice? Have you ever apologized to someone who cut you in line? If so, you belong in Minnesota! You're a sweet and good natured person who just wants everyone to get along! You hate conflict and tend to do whatever you can to avoid it. You're all about family, friends, and being a good person! Minnesota is the state for you!