Which Of The Four Types Of American Citizens Are You?

There are four distinct types that every American citizen falls into! Do you know which type of American citizen you are? It's time to reveal the truth! With just 10 simple quiz questions, we can tell you what kind of citizen you actually are!

Question 1/10

Can you sing all of the words to the national anthem?
Of course!
I think so.
I know most of them.
I'm drawing a blank here....

Question 2/10

What do you want for breakfast?
Pancakes, bacon, and maple syrup.
A protein shake.
Oatmeal with berries.
A breakfast taco.

Question 3/10

During election years, where do you post your opinions?
On Facebook
On Twitter
On my blog
I keep my opinions to myself

Question 4/10

What would you change about America?
The two party system.
The taxes.
The long work weeks.
The people.

Question 5/10

What's the ideal backdrop to your American life?
Rural farm land and lots of acreage.
A bustling city with lots to do.
A small town where everyone knows everyone.
A suburb where everything is at my fingertips.

Question 6/10

When you watch the news, how do you feel?
Proud, I live in the best country on earth!
Uneasy, it seems like everything is going wrong.
A little bummed. Is there no good news?
Indifferent, that's just how it goes!

Question 7/10

Which TV show is your favorite?
Dancing with the Stars
The Handmaids Tale

Question 8/10

When you hear that other countries don't like Americans, what do you think?
Their loss, we're the best!
What's wrong with them?
I don't blame them.
Eh, it is what it is.

Question 9/10

Which activity would you prefer?
Hunting or fishing.
Exploring a National park.
Reading or watching TV.
Gardening or baking.

Question 10/10

Sum up America in one word:
You are a proud American! Some would describe you as a classic flag-waver who feels very close to America and has a strong sense of national pride. You believe in the foundation that the country was built on and tend to disagree with anyone who says America isn't the greatest country on earth!

The Proud American

You're a bit of a freethinking citizen! Though you may call America home, you don't always feel connected to the vision of the country. You tend to have a lot of big opinions on the way things are and how they should be. You always fight for the causes you believe in, even if they're not always popular!

The Freethinking Citizen

You're a traditional American! Though you aren't afraid to speak out against injustice or criticize wrongdoing in the government, you still stand by your country and express pride in where you live. You're truly American and you wouldn't trade your values for anything in the world!

The Traditional American

You're the universal citizen! Though America may be your home base, you consider yourself to be a universal citizen of the world. You appreciate other countries and are keen on learning about cultures other than your own. You appreciate the freedoms and rights given in America, but you're also not one to think it's the greatest or only country in the world!

The Universal Citizen