Which Small Town Personality Are You?

There are five types of people who call small towns home! Which type of small town personality do you have? With these 10 quiz questions we can discover the truth!

Question 1/10

What's your favorite thing about living in a small town?
Knowing everyone around me.
The community events.
The safety.
The local restaurants.
The privacy.

Question 2/10

When you see someone you know, you can't help but...
Hide away behind a mail box.
Start chatting about life.
Give a smile and a wave.
Avoid them like the plague.

Question 3/10

When you travel away from home, what do you miss the most?
The people
The food
My family
My pets
The familiarity

Question 4/10

Would you ever attend a town meeting?
Of course, I like to be involved.
I run the town meetings!
Nah, not my scene.
Maybe, if I was bored.

Question 5/10

Which town event sounds like the most fun?
Book sale
Fall festival
Food truck festival
Outdoor flea market
Wine festival

Question 6/10

What do you like to do after dinner?
Watch some TV and settle in.
Go for a joy ride.
Go out for ice cream.
Relax on the front porch.
Call up a friend.

Question 7/10

Where are you most likely to do your grocery shopping?
At the local grocery store.
At the farmer's market.
At At a box store.
A mix of all three.

Question 8/10

How would your fellow townspeople describe you?

Question 9/10

Do you ever dream of moving away?
No way, this is my home!
Sometimes, but it usually fades pretty quick.
Always, I can't wait to get away!

Question 10/10

At the end of the day, living in a small town feels....
Like a warm hug
You're the small town busy body! You love to know the latest gossip and are always the first to hear about town news or events. You love to be involved in everyone's business and just can't help but meddle anywhere you can. You know everyone in town and everyone knows you!

The Town Busy Body

You're the community organizer! You're the town personality who is always leading events, festivals, and get togethers. You love to organize everyone to help make the town a better place and bring about a true sense of community. You take pride in where you're from, which is why you give so much time to making it the best it can be.

The Community Organizer

You're the small town business owner! You know everyone and everyone knows you. You're loyal to other local businesses and do your best to avoid shopping at big chains or box stores. You're proud of the town you live and work in, which is why you're always trying to give back to your community!

The Small Business Owner

You're the small town helper! Whenever anyone in town is in need, you're the first one they call. Whether it's a leak or a flat tire, you're a do it all type of person who just wants to lend a hand. Because of this, people love you and just can't help but chat your ear off whenever they see you out and about!

The Helper

You're the town recluse! Sure, you might wander out of your house for groceries or some tools, but for the most part, you like to keep to yourself. You never attend town events and would much rather spend time on your own then with your fellow townspeople. You're as introverted and independent as they come.

The Recluse