Which State Park Should You Visit In 2017?

Everyone knows that National parks are a blast to visit, but what about their slightly smaller state counterparts? Do you know which state park you should really visit in 2017? Let's find out! Take these 10 questions and discover the state park you're destined to explore.

Question 1/10

Would you rather hike or ride a bike?
I'd rather hike
I'd rather ride a bike
I'd do a mix of both
I don't want to do either

Question 2/10

Would you rather read a kindle or a physical book?
I'd rather read a kindle
I'd rather read a physical book
I have no preference

Question 3/10

Would you rather wear jeans or chino pants?
I'd rather wear jeans
I'd rather wear chinos
I'd prefer shorts actually

Question 4/10

Are you the type to crash with friends or stay at a hotel?
I crash with friends whenever I can
I prefer to stay at a hotel
I do Airbnb or Homeaway

Question 5/10

Would you rather visit Europe or Mexico?
I'd much rather visit Europe
I'd much rather visit Mexico
It depends on which is cheaper at the time

Question 6/10

Would you rather stay in an RV or camp in a tent?
I'm a tent camper all the way
I need to stay in an RV
I rent an actual cabin whenever possible

Question 7/10

Would you rather win the lottery or find your perfect job?
I'd rather win the lottery
I'd rather find the perfect job
Why can't I have it all?

Question 8/10

If you could do anything you wanted right now, what would it be?
Take a nap
Go for a hike
See my friends
Watch some TV
I'm not sure

Question 9/10

University or life experience, which do you feel best prepares you for life?
Life experience
A mix of both

Question 10/10

What does your life say about you?
That I'm adventurous
That I took a lot of risks
That I'm kind and loving
That I always did the right thing
That I learned from my mistakes
The state park you should visit in 2017 is Alamo Lake State Park in Arizona! If you love a blend of landscapes that stretch on for as far as the eye can see, then Alamo Lake State Park is truly the destination for you!

Alamo Lake State Park In Arizona

The state park you should visit in 2017 is Malibu Creek State Park in California! When you think of Malibu, odds are beaches are the first thing that come to mind. What you might not know is that Malibu is home to a beautiful state park with breathtaking views and a truly diverse landscape.

Malibu Creek State Park In Los Angeles

The state park you should visit in 2017 is Granite Springs State Park in Montana! You're in need of a dose of wonder in your life. A visit to this state park will not only remind you of how small you are in the grand scheme of things, but it will help you to refocus on what truly matters.

Granite Springs State Park In Montana

The state park you should visit in 2017 is Promised Land State Park in Pennsylvania! Nestled in the beautiful mountains, you'll feel as if you took a trip back in time when visiting this state park. You'll feel just as our ancestors once did when they first started settling in America.

Promised Land State Park In Pennsylvania

The state park you should visit in 2017 is Mount Spokane Sate Park in Washington! If you want a little bit of adventure in your life, this is the park for you. Mount Spokane will challenge you to test your physical limits all while taking your breath away with its beautiful sweeping landscapes.

Mount Spokane State Park In Washington