Which State Will Transform Your Life?

Where you call home can truly change your life! Which state will change your life for the better? With 10 simple quiz questions, you can reveal the right state for you!

Question 1/10

If I won the lottery...
My lifestyle would be the same- money doesn't buy happiness.
I would finally be happy.
I could live comfortably and donate to causes.
I would help out all of my friends and family.

Question 2/10

My dream home would look like....
A mansion
A log cabin
A victorian
A luxury high rise
A farmhouse

Question 3/10

My dream vacation is...
A yoga retreat.
A national park.
A road trip.
A cruise.
An all inclusive resort.

Question 4/10

Which of the following things has it been the longest since you've done?
Tried something new.
Hugged someone.
Spent an evening doing what I want.
Watched a sunset.

Question 5/10

What are you criticized for?
Working too much.
Spending too much time alone.
Never getting out.
Being too impatient.
Not having any hobbies.

Question 6/10

On my social media you can mostly find...
Inspirational quotes
Photos of my food
Nature hikes

Question 7/10

What does happiness signify to you?
Financial success
Friends and family
Enjoying the moment
Finding contentment
The great outdoors

Question 8/10

How would you most like to spend time with your family?
Catching fireflies.
Watching television.
Having a campfire.
Making food and laughing.
Playing at the beach.

Question 9/10

How would you make dinner?
Over a grill or fire.
With a microwave.
With lots of butter.
In an instant pot.
In the oven.

Question 10/10

What was the subject of your New Year Resolution?
The state that will transform your life is Montana! What you're craving in life is wide open spaces, total independence, and living for the great outdoors. You're done with big city ways and the fast paced rat race. You want to enjoy the simple things that truly make life worth living. Montana will change your entire life and you'll be so much better for it!


The state that will transform your life is Colorado! What you're craving in life is a bit of adventure, free spirited friends, and a true sense of what matters. You're tired of the fast paced way of life in the east and the slow movement of the midwest. You want a state that offers a little bit of everything! In Colorado, you'll find adventure, opportunity, and beauty as far as the eye can see!


The state that will transform your life is Michigan! What you're craving in life is to get back to basics. You want to ditch the rushed way of life and take a simpler approach to everyday living. You want to spend more time with family, get in some fishing or boating, and truly start enjoying your life. Michigan will get you back in touch with who you really are!


The state that will transform your life is North Carolina! What you're craving in life is old school values, southern hospitality, and the traditions of family. You're an old soul who values history and is always trying to bring back the old days. You often feel nostalgic for a time you've never even lived in! In North Carolina, food tastes a little sweeter and life moves just a little slower.

North Carolina

The state that will transform your life is Florida! You've always hated the winter months and have dreamt of year round sunshine for years. You're the type who loves to just relax and hang out without having much in the way of a plan. While you work hard, you play even harder, knowing full well that life is all about balance and doing what you love. Florida will surely transform your life!