Which State Will You Die In?

Death is a part of life, but some states are simply better to kick the bucket in than others! Which state will you actually die in? Reveal your fate with these 10 personality quiz questions!

Question 1/10

Do you like being around lots of people or are you a lone wolf?
I like being around people sometimes.
I love to be around people.
I kind of dislike most people.
I'm a lone wolf.

Question 2/10

A dealer gives you a choice of any car on the lot for free. Which do you choose?
A big truck.
A sporty two seater.
A sedan.
A mini-van.

Question 3/10

Have you ever been on a serious diet?
I'm always on a serious diet.
Nah, I like food to much.
I have been, but I'm not now.
I'm a yo-yo dieter.

Question 4/10

What is your favorite thing to eat?
Finger foods
Chinese or Thai

Question 5/10

Where would you like to retire?
The beach
The mountains
The suburbs
The forest
Wherever it's cheap.

Question 6/10

Where's the last place you went this week?
The grocery store
The post office
The gas station
A friend or loved one's house

Question 7/10

Do you have any guilty pleasures?
Reality TV
Soap operas
Fast food
Red wine

Question 8/10

Do you know how to swim?
Yes, I'm basically a fish.
I can swim, but not well.
I'm an okay swimmer.
I can't swim.

Question 9/10

If you got engaged, how long would you want to wait before getting married?
A month
Six months
One year
One Week
I don't believe in marriage

Question 10/10

If you had one week left to live, what would you do?
Eat all of the best foods.
Say what's on my mind to everyone I know.
Travel around a bit.
Relax with my dog.
Write letters to my family.
You're going to die in Colorado! Hey, let's face it, there are worse places to die in the United States. You'll probably meet your demise in a tragic hiking accident or by drinking too much craft beer and then operating a kayak. However you go out, you'll go out having a blast surrounded by a lot of natural beauty!


You're going to die in Vermont! When it comes to places to die, you can't beat Vermont. It's beautiful, quiet, peaceful, and relaxing. You'll probably die quietly in your sleep due to old age, likely at around 102. If not, you might just pass while tapping your favorite maple tree, walking your golden retriever, or working in the garden.


You're going to die in Alabama! You've got a fiery passion and a zeal for spreading your opinions. You're so confident in who you are and your place in the world that pin pointing your death isn't easy! You'll likely die surrounded by family after a great big meal and lots of sweet tea. Hey, there are worse things!


You're going to die in New Mexico! You've always had an enchanted and spiritual connection to nature. This is where you've felt most at home. You're caring and careful, with a spirit that understands more than it should. You'll likely die peacefully surrounded by the beauty you've loved throughout your life!

New Mexico

You're going to die in New Jersey! You're a fast talking adrenaline junkie who is always on the move. You like to drive fast, east fast, and walk fast. You simply don't have time to slow down! Unfortunately, you're fast paced life will likely lead to a demise in the Garden State!

New Jersey