Which States Should You Pass Through On Your Road Trip?

The best way to see the USA is to embark on a multi-state road trip! The question is, which states should you pass through on your next road trip adventure? It's time to find out! Take this 10 question quiz and find your perfect road trip route for your next big adventure.

Question 1/10

Pick a ride to road trip in:
A VW Bus
A classic convertible
An eco-friendly hybrid
A Jeep

Question 2/10

Describe your patience level:
I'm very patient
I'm somewhat patient
I'm very impatient

Question 3/10

Pick an artist to listen to on the road:
Paul Simon
John Denver
The Beach Boys
Dolly Parton
Johnny Cash

Question 4/10

Who will you be traveling with?
My friends
My family
My significant other
I'm flying solo

Question 5/10

What do you most love about road trips?
Planning them
Making spontaneous stops
Taking pictures
Cruising to great music
Checking out local food stops

Question 6/10

How will you stay awake on your trip?
Lots of coffee
Loud music
Road games
Frequent stops

Question 7/10

Where will you stay for a night?
A campground
A motel
A hotel
An Airbnb
My car

Question 8/10

Which landmark do you most want to see?
Yellowstone National Park
The Grand Canyon
The Blue Ridge Parkway
Portland Head Light
The Everglades

Question 9/10

Pick a burger:
Salmon burger
Bacon cheeseburger
Veggie burger
Avocado burger
Crab cake burger

Question 10/10

Which color are you most drawn to?
On your road trip, you should pass through, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Idaho! You're an adventure seeker with a deep love of nature, national parks, and taking in all of the things that make America truly beautiful. You'd love a slow drive through these beautiful North American states.

South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho

On your road trip, you should pass through Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine! When you embark on a road trip, you're all about the grub! For you, the perfect road trip would start in Massachusetts and go right up along the coast. You'll love indulging in lobster, baked goods, and some of the best coffee on the east coast.

Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine

On your road trip, you should pass through Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee! You're a traditional soul with a deep love of history and heritage. For you, the perfect road trip would take you right through these beautiful southern states and into the Blue Ridge Mountains. You'll find the soothing sights and a peak back into time!

Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee

On your road trip, you should pass through New Mexico, Arizona, and California! You should totally embark on route 66 and pass through these iconic western US states. From the Grand Canyon to the Santa Monica pier, you'll find true wonder and awe in this road trip.

New Mexico, Arizona, California

On your road trip, you should pass through South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida! You're all about leisure, relaxation and taking it easy. You don't want a road trip that is going to leave you feeling befuddled or run down, instead, you want to cruise the east coast, taking in all of the beautiful sights and sounds along the way.

South Carolina, Georgia, Florida