Which Three States Match Your Personality?

Everyone has at least three states that match their personality best! Do you know which three states perfectly match yours? Take these 10 revealing quiz questions and discover the truth! You might just find somewhere new to move.

Question 1/10

What's the most important factor for you in terms of where you live?
Being near friends and famiy
Proximity to restaurants
Proximity to nature

Question 2/10

Are you outgoing?
Yes, I'm always the life of the party!
No, I'm pretty shy.
Not typically, but I can be.

Question 3/10

Do you like to be in large groups of people?
It depends, will I get crushed?
Nope, I hate it.
Yes, it's so fun!
Sometimes, it depends.

Question 4/10

Is it easier for you to recall a song's title or the singer?
The title
The singer
Neither one!

Question 5/10

What do you want to eat right now?
Something savory
Something sour
Something sweet
I can't decide!

Question 6/10

What scares you?
Other people.
Dying alone.
Wearing the same thing as someone else.

Question 7/10

What do you think the world needs more of?

Question 8/10

What do people say to you often?
You are brave.
You are strong.
You are funny.
You are creative.
You are out there.

Question 9/10

What would you do if you had the time and money?
Go on mission trips.
Go back to school.
Travel the world.
Find my passion.
Buy lots of stuff.

Question 10/10

What do you do if someone tells you that you can't do something?
I do it anyway.
I convince them to let me try.
I don't do it.
It depends on the situation.
The three states that best match your personality are Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico! You're a tough minded individual who loves to improve the world around you! You are constantly tackling DIY projects and proving that you have the tenacity to set your ideas into motion.

Nevada, Arizona And New Mexico

The three states that best match your personality are Rhode Island, Michigan, and Vermont! You're a very diplomatic person who has great empathy and tends to help others before yourself. You are imaginative and attentive, often preferring a big picture view of the world around you.

Rhode Island, Michigan, Vermont

The three states that best match your personality are Alabama, South Carolina, and Louisiana. You are a practical person who tends to approach life from a place of principle and tradition. You work hard and pride yourself on being very reliable and authentic. You are a master of logistics, organization, and order.

Alabama, South Carolina, Louisiana

The three states that best match your personality are Alaska, Oregon, and Washington! You're an explorer and a craftsperson who loves to embark on adventure! You are attracted to novel things and are constantly looking for your next quest or project. You're skilled, down to earth, and friendly!

Alaska, Oregon, Washington

The three states that best match your personality are New York, California, and Illinois! You're an extroverted and ambitious soul who has big dreams. You're bold and confident, with a true sense of who you are and what matters most. You know what it takes to make your life what you need it to be!

New York, California, Illinois