Which US Town Matches Your Personality?

The US is full of special little towns that you may have never even heard of! Ever wondered which of these idyllic places best suits your personality? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out the town that's right for you! You might just find the best places to live!

Question 1/10

What is your position on hunting?
It's great!
I don't care for it.
It's alright sometimes.
To each their own.

Question 2/10

How often do you go to church?
Every single Sunday.
A few Sundays a month.
Only on holidays.
I don't go to church.
I'm not religious at all.

Question 3/10

What could you never give up?
My cell phone

Question 4/10

What's most important to you in a town?
Good schools
Friendly people
Good restaurants
No traffic

Question 5/10

You can only do one of these things today. Which do you choose?
Picnic in the park.
Baking a cake.
Playing video games.
Going to the beach.
Meeting up with friends.

Question 6/10

When you wake up, what sound do you want to hear?
The hustle and bustle of a busy street.
Birds chirping.
Coffee brewing.
My family up and around.
Nothing but dead quiet.

Question 7/10

Would you like to own a gun?
Yes, I already have one.
Nope, I don't want a gun.
Maybe, but only for protection.

Question 8/10

What feature is most important to you in a house?
Character, old school charm.
A big family style kitchen.
A sun porch.
A big backyard.
Proximity to fun things.

Question 9/10

Which type of natural disaster scares you?
Dust storm

Question 10/10

Which type of culture is most important?
None of these
The US town that best matches your personality is Traverse City, Michigan! You're a grounded and kind hearted person who is extremely community oriented. You love to pitch in and lend a hand whenever possible. You crave a slow and small town way of life, one that isn't hinged on how much you have or what you wear. You love the great outdoors and generally are accepting of everyone!

Traverse City, Michigan

The US town that best matches your personality is Dobbs Ferry, New York! You're a traditional, intelligent, warm, and cultured person who truly believes in expanding your world through knowledge. You value history, tradition, and doing things the old fashioned way. While you value progress and technology, you also embrace the past and where you came from!

Dobbs Ferry, NY

The US town that best matches your personality is Mill Valley, California! You're a very open minded and free spirited person who tends to feel very connected to nature. You love a relaxed and easy going way of life. You are outdoorsy and relaxed, often opting to drink your coffee, sip your tea, and eat your lunch on a deck or patio. You're not one to take things too seriously and always value those who are creative and out there!

Mill Valley, California

The US town that best matches your personality is Los Alamos, New Mexico! You're a confident and original person who marches to the beat of your own drum. You're bold and passionate, often following your own path without worry of what others might think. As someone who truly values family, there's nothing you won't do for those you love most!

Los Alamos, NM

The US town that best matches your personality is Amherst Center, MA! You're an intelligent and thoughtful person who always looks to expand your world through learning! You believe that education is everything and tend to lead a very ambitious life. You love culture, art, and anything involving music! Though you know how to kick back and relax with the best of them, you also know when to buckle down and get to work!

Amherst Center, MA