How Long Can You Hack It In The State Of Minnesota?

Minnesota is one of America's friendliest states, but how long can you really hack it in the state of Minnesota? It's time to find out! Embark on this Minnesota survival quiz and find out if you can actually hack it in this Midwestern state.

Question 1/10
How long does it take you to say goodbye to someone?
1 or 2 minutes
5 or 10 minutes
15 or 20 minutes
20 or 30 minutes
An hour or more

Question 2/10
What's your favorite side dish?
Scalloped corn
Macaroni and cheese
Baked beans
German potato salad
Peacock vegetables

Question 3/10
Who or what guest stars in your Facebook profile picture?
A fish
A deer
My significant other
My sibling

Question 4/10
Which state do you hate the most?

Question 5/10
What's your winter pet peeve?
Getting up early to start the car
Scraping ice off of a windshield
Salt on everything I own
The kids having off from school
The cold weather

Question 6/10
Finish the sentence: Duck Duck....
Grey Duck
Duck Grey

Question 7/10
A carbonated beverage must always be referred to as....

Question 8/10
What temperature is shorts and t-shirt weather?
70 degrees
32 degrees
60 degrees
80 degrees
50 degrees

Question 9/10
What's your favorite outdoor activity?
Ice skating
Ice fishing
Snow ball faights

Question 10/10
What do you put on your steak?
Steak sauce
Barbecue sauce
Salt and pepper
According to this quiz, you could hack it for a lifetime in the state of Minnesota! Not only have you gotten pretty territorial over a hot dish variety, but you've stood and talked about only the weather for hours without even succumbing to a hint of boredom. You're kind, friendly, and always willing to help a friend in need. You could definitely hack it in this state for the long haul!

A Lifetime
According to this quiz, you could hack it in the state of Minnesota for 40 years! Have you talked about the weather for hours without getting bored? Do you have a strange distaste for the state of Wisconsin? Do you believe that shoveling is the only exercise a person really needs in the winter? Of course you do! You could hack it in Minnesota for 40 years. You're hard working, kind, and willing to put up with all kinds of weather if it means surrounding yourself with the right people!

40 Years
According to this quiz, you could hack it in the state of Minnesota for a total of 25 years! Sure the thought of getting up an hour early to start your car in the winter might seem arduous, but with your easy going personality and love of the seasons, you could make it work. Though Minnesota wouldn't be your forever home, we think you've got the strength, stamina, and the personality to hack it in this state for 25 years. Go you!

25 Years
According to this quiz, you could hack it in the state of Minnesota for a total of 10 years! Though you've certainly got the stamina to live in a place like Minnesota, you simply don't want to! In your opinion, life is too short to shovel snow, argue about hot dishes, root against Wisconsin, and say hour long goodbyes to people you barely know. You might love some things about Minnesota, but you wouldn't hack it for the long haul.

10 Years
According to this quiz, you could hack it for three years in the state of Minnesota! Though you'd find Minnesota to be a charming place full of good people, you don't have the patience to live in this state for long. Hour long goodbyes, slow drivers, and bad weather would lead you into a state of absolutely frenzy! We think you should stick to the Northeast or the West!

3 Years