Where Should You Live Based On Your Sense of Compassion?

Your sense of compassion can indicate exactly where you should live! Do you know which state you should actually be living in based on how compassionate and kind you are? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10

Your normally happy go lucky friend seems down in the dumps, what's your movie?
Offer to let them vent.
Take them out for a night on the town.
Spend time with them and console them.
Encourage them to stop being so sad.
Tell them to quit complaining.

Question 2/10

Your personal motto is closest to:
Every man for himself!
Treat others as you'd like to be treated!
Always put others first!

Question 3/10

On your way to work, you see a homeless person camped out with a sign asking for food or spare change. You....
Drop in the singles from my wallet
Give them whatever change I have on me.
Buy them a meal.
Tell them to get a job!

Question 4/10

A friend of a friend needs an emergency baby sitter, but you already have plans. What do you do?
I cancel all of my plans and help out.
I help them to find a babysitter.
I leave them to fend for themselves.

Question 5/10

Which cause are you most likely to fight for?
Animal welfare
Childhood hunger
Finding a cure for cancer
Immigration reform

Question 6/10

How often do you think of the needs of others?
Most of the time
Almost never

Question 7/10

Do you buy little surprise treats for people?
Only if they surprise me first.
Whenever I can.
Only if it's a special occasion.
I love to surprise people.

Question 8/10

How important is kindness to you?
Very, it makes a huge difference in the lives of others.
Quite, its' important to be kind.
Not very, it's not the most important thing.

Question 9/10

If you see an elderly person struggling, say, with shopping would you offer help?
It depends on what I was doing.
Yes, I would try to.
I would offer help, but I don't want to offend them.
I'd only help if they asked me to.

Question 10/10

Do you hold doors open for people?
Based on your sense of compassion, you should live in Louisiana! You're a kind hearted and giving person who always puts others before yourself. You're the type to volunteer first, give up a Saturday to pitch in, and simply attempt to make the world a better place. As one of the most giving states in the country, Louisiana is right for you!


Based on your sense of compassion, you should live in Colorado! You're the type of person who always looks to make sure those around you are thriving. You're not concerned with material possessions or status. Instead, you focus on living a good life and doing right by everyone you meet. As one of America's kindest states, Colorado is definitely for you!


Based on your sense of compassion, you should live in Arizona! You're the type of person who is always lending a hand. You just can't help but spring into action mode whenever someone around you is in need, whether they're a stranger or a longtime friend. You love to volunteer, give back to the community, and bring a sense of peace to everyone you meet. Arizona is definitely for you!


Based on your sense of compassion, you should live in Oregon! You're the type of person who others would describe as selfless and warm hearted. You truly put the needs of others before yourself. You've been known to cry at sad commercials and be called to action whenever disaster strikes anywhere in the world. Who could be better than you?


Based on your sense of compassion, you should live in North Carolina! You're the type of person who loves to be neighborly, friendly, and warm. You love to cook food for the people you love, shower them in gifts and praise, and genuinely make others feel good. North Carolina is definitely the state for you!

North Carolina