Could You Survive An Oregon Winter?

You might think you have the guts and the gusto to survive an Oregon winter, but could you really hack it in this state through the winter months? It's time to find out! Bust out your mittens and prepare for this 10 questions quiz!

Question 1/10
How do you keep your hands warm in the winter?
With mittens
With gloves
With a positive attitude

Question 2/10
Which is a sign of frost bite?
Pain and stinging
Yellow skin

Question 3/10
Which dish would you try on a January day?
Creme brulee pancakes
Chicken fried steak
Marionberry pie

Question 4/10
What's always on hand in your pantry?

Question 5/10
When your hands and feet get cold, it's time to _________.
Put on a hat
Go inside
Put on extra socks

Question 6/10
What do you crave most in life?

Question 7/10
You consider yourself to be very....

Question 8/10
You're stuck inside during a blizzard, how do you pass the time?
I read a good book
I play board games with the family
I bake some cookies
I whine about being stuck inside

Question 9/10
When looking to buy a house, it's most important for your place to have…
A big eat in kitchen
A functioning fireplace
A glass sun porch
A big basement
A room for arts and crafts

Question 10/10
How often do you get sick in the winter?
Every month
Every week
Almost never
You would definitely survive a winter in Oregon! Winter in Oregon may not be as harsh as it is in some states, but it's the constant ups and downs that can drive a person out of their mind. With freezing rain, blizzard conditions, and low temperatures, winter in Oregon is not always a walk in the park! Luckily, you've got the resiliency, stamina, and sense of adventure to embrace the experience wholeheartedly! Go you!

You Would Survive!
You would not survive the winter in Oregon! Though winters in Oregon may not be as harsh as winters in Alaska, this state has its share of ups and downs. You'd go crazy with 50 degree temps one day and -10 degree temps the next. In your mind, there's no peace in those erratic weather patterns! You'd be ditching Oregon for a new state as soon as possible.

You Would Not Survive!
You would skate by a winter in Oregon! Hey, winters not your favorite, but you understand that erratic weather patterns are just part of the territory. You'd love that sometimes it's 50 degrees in Oregon and the next day it's snowing. For you, the unpredictably makes it all the more exciting!

You Would Skate By!