How Many Days Should You Spend In Hawaii?

Dreaming of a Hawaiian vacation? Just how may days do you really deserve in paradise? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out how many days you should spend in Hawaii!

Question 1/10
Most days, you feel pretty...

Question 2/10
How many hours do you work per week?
Around 40
Less than 20

Question 3/10
How often do you take a vacation?
Multiple times a year.
Once a year.
Once every 5 years.
What's a vacation?

Question 4/10
Which movie would you be excited to watch on a plane?
Wonder Woman
Guardians Of the Galaxy 2
Star Wars: The Last Jedi
I'd rather just sleep.

Question 5/10
How much time do you take for yourself in a day?
Maybe 15 or 20 minutes.
At least an hour.
A few hours.
As much time as I need.

Question 6/10
Your idea of adventure is:
Trying weird new foods.
Learning to surf.
Hiking a volcano.
Laying out on a beach.

Question 7/10
Which color do you associate with relaxation?

Question 8/10
What can instantly ruin your day?
Spilling coffee.
Getting reamed out at work.
Missing my workout.
Having to do chores around the house.

Question 9/10
Pick an ice cream flavor:
Mint chocolate chip
Rocky road
Peanut butter

Question 10/10
Would you turn off your electronics while on vacation?
No way!
You should spend 10 days in Hawaii! You're the type who is always on the go, working hard to get ahead and be successful in life. Unfortunately, this doesn't always make for a lot of downtime. We think this means that you deserve a 10 day vacation in the Aloha state! Sip on some coconut water, have some pineapple pizza, and bask in a few days without work!

10 Days
You should spend 7 days in Hawaii! You're the type who works hard everyday, often doing more for others than for yourself. When you're not getting paid at a 9 to 5, you're running errands, taking care of a house, and making sure everyone else's needs are met. As a selfless soul, you deserve at least 7 relaxing days in the Aloha state. Start packing those bags today!

7 Days
You should spend 5 days in Hawaii! For you, a quick getaway is all it takes to feel restored and renewed. While your days are typically pretty jam packed, you know how to find balance in your everyday life. A little rest and relaxation is just what the doctor ordered!

5 Days
You should spend 3 days in Hawaii! As a highly free spirited and creative soul, you have a lot of downtime in your everyday life. It's not that you're lazy, it's just that you know that life is all about finding the perfect balance between work and play. For you, downtime is when you feel most creative and enlivened. Too much downtime, and you can risk feeling a bit too relaxed!

3 Days